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Promotional Feature: eGym motivates gym users by tracking their success

eGym helps clubs create effective feedback loops and boost members' performance in the gym

Published in Sports Management Sep 2016 issue 126
eGym users can gain rewards
eGym users can gain rewards

Despite best intentions, it can sometimes be difficult to produce results for the majority of gym members. In fact, we barely ‘touch’ a significant proportion of them. Understanding how effective digital tools can be more proactive in providing positive feedback is a key factor that will help increase training performance and improve member retention.

In a way, it’s the fault of human behaviour. Most of us are just not very good at keeping to what we say we’re going to do. Even when we look at science, our success has been very limited. Part of the problem is that we have ingrained feedback loops that perpetuate less than ideal behaviours (that last piece of cake is very difficult to resist). At eGym, we recognise the key to keeping customers and producing better fitness results is driven by ease of use and meaningful feedback.

To be effective, feedback loops need to meet certain criteria. Firstly, a specific behaviour has to be captured (in as near to real time as possible), measured and stored. That information needs to be given to the individual in an appropriate and relevant manner and must highlight one or more possible responses and actions. And finally there is an opportunity for the individual to make a choice and act. This last action can be measured and the process continues with every action stimulating new behaviours that move the individual closer to their goals.

Tracking activity is not new and the original pedometers pre-date the noughties. But like the ‘Quantified Self’ movement, they never had mass appeal.

The NikeFuel band was really the first tracking device to engage the weekend athlete - but Nike buried it in 2013. The Achilles heal of most of these devices is still the question of accuracy and valid data.

The breakthrough for the fitness sector is that it's now possible to automate data capture, digitise it, transform it and deliver it back to the gym user in a way that stimulates and reinforces the new behaviour.

eGym uses a number of automated processes invisible to the user to optimise their performance, such as automated progression and visual cues to ensure proper form. The process starts with pre-set loads based on an initial strength test. Performances against targets are immediately available via a front-facing display and recorded to the eGym cloud. It is also important to note that workout intensity is automatically set at a level to enable on-going progression for members.

A members workout data is accessed directly via the eGym Fitness App, which is easily shared to the gym’s trainers – who can then choose to interact immediately, providing encouragement in-situ or remotely. A popular feature of the Fitness app that provides immediate visual feedback, simple challenges and rewards for your workout is the eGym activity points. It's a great gamification element that is proven to motivate members. When members regularly work out they'll climb up the activity rankings and may even pass their friends on the points leaderboard, this in itself generates a sense of internal satisfaction.

The most used elements of the eGym Fitness app is the ‘Biological Age’ feature. Based on the maximum strength calculation, the biological age provides an on-going assessment of the members current age of muscle groups; so members can continue to compare to their actual age and see improvements in their results.

Jochen Michaelis, managing director UK at eGym states: “There’s a lot of science and solution-driven considerations that goes on behind the scenes of our app, which the member never sees.

"That’s how we like it. The eGym habit is proving to get members hooked. Our customers are now interacting better with their members and are seeing them attend more often”

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Plus, experience the connection between the eGym Fitness app, Trainer app and fitness equipment.

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