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What we can do for you
Mediana specialises in the manufacture of medical and health care devices which we export as ODM and also as our own branded products all over the world.

We are working to become a true global market leader in the medical device and health care industry by developing new products such as body composition analysers, monitor/defibrillators, AEDs and patient monitors that form a major product line today.

We aim to reach these heights by generating the highest levels of synergy through the diversification of its products and overseas markets.

Key products and services
We are entering the high growth market for body composition analysers for obesity management clinics, sport/fitness centres and nutrition areas.

Mediana i-series can provide an accurate analysis of body composition through multi-frequency measurement. The measurement is made through bioelectrical impedance analysis, assessing the electrical resistance of cell membranes.

Our device has a tetra-polar 8 point tactile electrodes system that gives an accurate measurement of segmental body fat and muscle mass.

i-series uses the optimal algorithm developed by utilizing various body composition measurement methods such as DEXA, CT, and isotope dilution. It has a very high correlation coefficient with DEXA equipment, which is considered the Gold Standard in the body composition analysis method.

Also, the reliability of the algorithm has been proven through clinical trials conducted by specialized institutions for a wide range of ages from 5 to 78 years old.

Furthermore, I-series can provide the blind mode. Users can hide fat and weight from the display by simply pressing a “Blind” button on the keypad. It can be turned on/off instantly during measurement and will be written on the result paper all the time.

case study: Safety and Effectiveness Evaluation of Body Composition Analyzer I Series
The body composition values calculated by the Mediana Body Composition Analyzer(I Series) are compared with those calculated by DEXA (Horizon W, Hologic Inc., USA), abdominal computer photography (Lightspeed, GE, USA) and isotope dilution.

The correlation coefficient R² between the body composition results measured by the Golden-standard method and the body composition analyzer(I Series) was higher than 0.983, and no side effects or abnormalities occurred in the test subjects. Through this, the body composition estimation algorithm of the I Series can be evaluated to represent significant correlated estimation value measured by Golden-standard (DEXA, CT, Isotope Dilution), and it can be confirmed that it has secured safety in using the product.

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Plans for the next 12 months
We are developing a high-end body composition analyzer which is i50. Our new device can provide ICW, ECW, whole body phase angle, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, and nutrition guide. i50 can predict cellular health and integrity, so it can be used even in welfare facilities for senior citizens. Our i50 can provide more and detailed information, so customers can use the various areas to analyze physical and health information.
Key personnel
Dr. MJ Khil, CEO(Chairman)
Jason Kang, President
Key customers
We work with a range of sports and leisure providers, senior care centers, yoga clubs, health clubs, Nutritionists and dietitians and slimming centres
Mediana Co., Ltd.
Tel: +82-(0)70-7092-9750
Address: 132 Donghawgongdan-ro, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, 26365, Korea
Dr. MJ Khil / CEO

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