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About us
ABC Trainerize is a member engagement mobile app and software platform that allows coaches and fitness businesses to expand their reach beyond their physical space, better connect with members, and digitize the training experience. It allows trainers and coaches to take advantage of an exciting new era where the fusion of technology, the omnipresence of wearables, and specific data insights is making health and fitness training ever more personal.

By combining fitness, nutrition, and habits with online coaching, ABC Trainerize can help coaches drive deeper behavioral changes and healthier lifestyle decisions. ABC Trainerize is available as a stand-alone solution and can be integrated with ABC platforms, including ABC IGNITE, ABC Glofox, and ABC EVO, as well as other third-party software solutions.

To learn more about ABC Trainerize, or book a live demo click here.

Product range and services
In September 2020, Trainerize was acquired by ABC Fitness. As part of one the biggest names in the fitness technology industry has opened up possibilities that match, no — exceed, the already massive dream that started our very journey. We are now the only fit tech company on the planet that provides software for any fitness business, of any size, anywhere in the world. We know you have a passionate vision of fitness you want to offer your clients. We’re here to help you deliver it.

ABC Trainerize isn’t just a workout app – it’s fitness, nutrition, and habit coaching app. It’s having all those 3 pillars of health and fitness in the same app that really empowers trainers to truly help their clients build healthy lifestyles that include everything from the little everyday choices they make – such as getting better sleep, to the big finisher workouts, and the food they use to fuel their bodies.

case study: Alloy Fitness
Giving your clients an unforgettable experience is the goal of many gym owners these days. And this rings true for personal training services too! To make an impact on your member’s day-to-day lives you have to be innovative, listen to their needs, and bring a sense of personalization to their programming because at the end of the day we all have different goals.

One incredible story comes from our client Alloy Fitness Franchise, whose straightforward philosophy plays on this very ideation: “People who get personalized coaching get better results.” At Alloy, they help their clients feel and look their best by providing a tailored customized service that is unique to them.

To scale their fitness franchise, owner Rick Mayo was looking for a solution that could allow their trainers to train up to six clients at a time, but still, make the experience feel personalized.

They turned to ABC Trainerize to scale their personal training profit center! The choice to digitize their PT services allows them to reach even more members—plus, it’s giving their trainers a powerful tool which allows them to engage with their clients beyond the gym. “It’s a total win-win,” says Rick.

“As soon as we implemented the ABC Trainerize app within our clubs, it allowed all of our coaches to communicate with all of our clients and all of our other trainers, which means we were providing a consistent customer experience—which is very difficult to do at scale and at volume, but we have been able to do that, and ABC Trainerize has been a perfect tool for that.” – Alloy owner Rick Mayo

To date, Alloy Fitness Franchise has 52 franchises sold, with 10 currently operating and 20 more gyms to open by the end of 2022. Since Alloy is a franchise business, Rick mentions how the ABC Trainerize app provides a lot of ‘sizzle’ when entrepreneurs are considering the Alloy Franchise as a new business venture. He explains, that the ABC Trainerize app provides customer value to his members and that goes a long way when pitching to franchise prospects.

Read more here.
case study: Wisconsin Athletic Club
To be a leader in the fitness industry you have to stand out from the competition. Differentiating yourself is crucial if you want to be successful, adapting to current trends, and being innovative in a very crowded industry can be a difficult task.

We’ve seen a massive trend happening since the pandemic: Virtual Coaching and Online Training Options.

Multi-location gyms, clubs, and franchises had to incorporate online training and virtual coaching into the services they offered at their gyms. Adapting to this new stream of services couldn’t be an easy task for many.

However one incredible story comes from Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC), the largest privately-owned gym in Wisconsin. We’re proud to play a part in their journey to adopt online training.

With the launch of their Virtual Live Training program (training via video) in the early months of the pandemic, and then announcing their online training program PIVOT (Personalized InteractiVe Online Training) in September, WAC is confidently and comprehensively leading their clients into the digital fitness space by leveraging the ABC Trainerize platform.

“Using ABC Trainerize allowed us to continue to train our clients safely. Many of them were reluctant to come into the gym during the pandemic,” says WAC Personal Trainer, Amanda Tikalsky. “Shifting to online training means they can stay connected to WAC and continue to work toward their goals.” Keeping members engaged and motivated is just the start.

With ABC Trainerize, WAC has been able to offer flexible options to members, regardless of public health requirements and personal comfort levels while giving their trainer’s a much better work-life balance.

Read more at here.
ABC Trainerize video gallery:
Plans for the next 12 months
ABC Trainerize is constantly releasing new features and upgrades, expanding the app’s already powerful capabilities and helping fitness businesses and professionals engage their clients in new and impactful ways.

Among our most recent releases are nutrition coaching features, and integrations with Garmin and Fitbit.
Key personnel
Sharad Mohan, co-founder & managing director
Key customers
ABC Trainerize customers are so diverse. First and probably our largest segment is our independent trainers. We’re seeing a great mix of types of coaches from your classic personal trainers to hybrid trainers, nutrition and wellness coaches, rehab therapists and group exercise instructors! The second big audience are boutique 1-4 location gyms and studios. We’ve seen a large number of these come in due to a need for online training during COVID but not only. Lastly - there are larger enterprises, fi tness clubs, franchises, box gyms or even corporate wellness providers that see the need for a member engagement solution.
“ABC Trainerize has helped me take my business to a whole other level by adding online and hybrid training to my services. With it, I know my clients are getting a great workout whether I’m with them in the gym or they’re working out on their own, and they can contact me anytime they need to. I’m building a community for all my clients and strengthening my trainer-client relationship along the way."
– Michelle Roots, owner, Core Conditioning
“As soon as we implemented the ABC Trainerize app within our clubs, it allowed all of our coaches to communicate with all of our clients and all of our other trainers, which means we were providing a consistent customer experience—which is very difficult to do at scale and at volume, but we have been able to do that, and ABC Trainerize has been a perfect tool for that.”
– Rick May, owner, Alloy
“ABC Trainerize has allowed us to be able to expand into the virtual training world and the online training realm. The investment in the ABC Trainerize app has been very worthwhile as it has saved me time putting together workouts and allowed me to be able to meet with clients no matter where they are in the world."
– Amanda Tikalsky, Wisonsin Athletic Club
updates & press releases
19 Jun 2024
How RockBox Fitness is energizing members with fitness challenges powered by ABC Trainerize
RockBox Fitness, a leading franchise known for its dynamic boxing-based fitness classes, has revolutionized member engagement with a new partnership with ABC Fitness and the implementation of ABC Trainerize throughout its franchise network.

From the company’s inception, fitness challenges with a focus on community have been central to RockBox Fitness. In December 2023, the team at RockBox decided to get back to its roots of fitness challenges – and they knew they needed a partner that could provide a seamless member experience, no matter the scale. With 60 franchise locations across the United States, RockBox is prioritizing taking their powerful community beyond their franchise locations.

Seamless integration across franchises

By implementing ABC Trainerize, RockBox Fitness ensures that its fitness challenges are executed flawlessly across all locations. New members who join a challenge receive six weeks of access to the RockBox app, which supports their fitness journey with personalized programming.

Post-challenge, the app's usage varies by franchise, with some offering it as a subscription service and others providing it as a complimentary feature to boost engagement.

“With this new partnership, RockBox is expanding their community beyond their franchise locations and enhancing the member experience every single day. With 3500 members already utilizing the app and more to come, RockBox is
laying the foundation for their franchise to excel and scale online programming through ABC Trainerize.” - ABC Trainerize co-founder and Platform President Sharad Mohan.

A holistic approach to member success

RockBox Fitness goes beyond fitness programming by offering new challengers a holistic approach that includes meal plans and accountability coaching. This combination ensures that members receive the support they need to achieve their goals. Alexia Stevens, Director of Sales and Operations for RockBox Fitness, emphasizes the importance of this support system, stating, “We needed to follow through on the accountability promise of the challenges and ensure we had visibility across the organization. The automation features in ABC Trainerize allow us to guarantee that all clients receive the support they deserve.”

For more information on RockBox Fitness and how their community extends online through ABC Trainerize, read the story.
RockBox Fitness has revolutionized member engagement with a new partnership with
ABC Fitness Credit: RockBox Fitness
05 Jun 2024
ABC Fitness connects personal trainer community with top industry experts at TZ Collective
ABC Fitness, the number one tech provider for fitness businesses everywhere, and ABC Trainerize, a leading software platform for the fitness industry, are bringing back the TZ Collective series with a virtual community summit titled “Beat the Heat: How to Increase Client Engagement and Revenue This Summer.”

The online event will bring together thousands of registrants to learn from top earners and coaches in the fitness industry, about how to elevate their business practices during the typically slow summer months.

The following guest speakers will be in attendance to share their wisdom related to fitness, nutrition and habit coaching during the summertime:

• Tina Ahmadi, Online Transformation Coach, Founder of Toned with Tina

• Dr. Ben Petersen, DPT, CSCS, CNC, Owner of Aspire Fit

• BreeAnna Cox, Holistic Personal Trainer, Founder of Body by Bree

• Ashley Conrad, Celebrity Fitness Expert, CEO of Clutch Bodyshop

• Steve Shaw, Transformation and Powerbuilding Coach, Ultrarunner, Owner of Massive Iron LLC

• Sean Greeley, Athlete, Coach, Entrepreneur & Business Coach, Founder of NPE Fitness

• Ashley Lane, Evidence-Based Fat Loss Expert, Founder of Train with Ash

• Jaymie Moran, Women's Health and Weight Management Expert, Co-Founder of Body Smart Fitness

With over two hours of free learning, participants will gain the expert insights they need to maintain engagement and boost revenue. Attendees will also have the chance to win exciting prizes, access exclusive discounts and freebies, and gain on-demand access to the event recordings.

TZ Collective is not limited to ABC Trainerize customers, and is open to all personal trainers, coaches, and fitness professionals–regardless of experience levels.

TZ Collective powered by ABC Fitness will be streamed for free on June 6th at 10am PST.

• Register for the event here

• Learn more about TZ Collective events here
The online event will bring together thousands of registrants to learn from top earners and coaches Credit: ABC Trainerize
09 May 2024
New ABC Trainerize Webinar: How to earn more with clients and members you already have
ABC Trainerize, a leading software platform for the fitness industry, recently ran a webinar for studio and gym owners on how to increase gym revenuewith Gym Launch CEO, Cale Owen.

Owen, who is a luminary in the realm of gym growth shared invaluable insights for studios and gyms seeking to enhance client retention. Rather than solely focusing on acquiring new members to bolster revenue, he advocates for strategic shifts that capitalize on the existing customer base.

In this 46-minute webinar, Owen outlines three key strategies:

#1: Optimize Pricing and Billing Frequency

Clear communication about pricing and billing terms helps build trust and transparency, reducing the likelihood of member dissatisfaction or cancellations due to unexpected charges. This part of the webinar is worth watching for one simple tip alone, one that Owen reveals can increase gym revenue by 8%.

#2: Enhance Member Offerings

By consistently augmenting value and addressing evolving member needs, gyms foster a sense of community and loyalty, curbing attrition rates.

Diversified amenities, including top-tier equipment, varied fitness classes, personalized training regimens, nutritional guidance, and exclusive perks, fortify member engagement. Owen also provides insight into selling supplements, accountability coaching and more.

#3: Maximize Per-Member Revenue and Profit

Sustaining and expanding a gym business hinges on increasing per-member revenue. This entails upselling additional services like nutrition coaching and specialized fitness programs. Retention-centric initiatives such as rewards programs and member-exclusive promotions bolster revenue streams.

Leveraging data analytics and member feedback identifies avenues for revenue optimization and operational efficiency, ensuring long-term profitability.

The webinar can be viewed in full here: ABC Trainerize X Gym Launch: How to Earn More with Clients and
Members You Already Have featuring Cale Owen
Gym Launch CEO, Cale Owen and ABC Trainerize Host Nathan Farrish Credit: ABC Trainerize
22 Mar 2024
Why personal trainers are leveraging voice messages for client success
Sometimes, the smallest thing can have a huge impact. Using voice messages when communicating with a client can be a game changer when it comes to engagement – and time management.

Sending a voice message is like leaving a voicemail, only you can send it instantly and directly. Instead of taking the time to type out your thoughts, you can talk and record your message, making it feel more personal and expressive.

As voice messages continue to grow in popularity, fitness professionals have begun to embrace them as a powerful tool for enhancing client success. There are 3 key elements behind this shift.

#1: Efficiency and Time Management

Easily one of the main forces behind the voice messages movement amongst trainers is the time they can save.

Sometimes, thoughts and ideas can be difficult to express. Many trainers prefer using voice messages because they're quicker and easier for sharing complex ideas. It’s also sometimes difficult to find the necessary time to sit down and type out long paragraphs, especially when working on-the-go via a mobile device!

Voice messages also offer a convenient way for trainers to conduct quick check-ins with clients between sessions. Whether it's a message to remind them of their upcoming workout, inquire about their progress, or address any concerns, voice messages facilitate real-time communication without the need for scheduling meetings.

#2: Personalization and Relationship Building

Voice messages help provide a more nuanced understanding of a message compared to written communication. They convey the speaker’s tone, intonation, and emotions, allowing listeners to interpret the intended meaning and context.

Trainers can build stronger rapport with their clients by conveying warmth, empathy, and understanding through their tone in a voice message. This personal connection can significantly enhance the overall client experience and improve adherence to fitness programs.

Voice messages are also more accessible for clients who have difficulty reading or responding to written text due to visual impairments or limited mobility. By providing information in audio format, trainers ensure that clients can benefit from their guidance and support and enjoy a strong working relationship together.

#3: Motivation and Accountability

Following on from the point above, voice messages allow fitness pros to deliver personalized messages tailored to each client's needs and progress. Whether it's motivation, feedback, or encouragement, the human touch of voice can foster a stronger connection between trainer and client.

Even just hearing a trainer's voice can also be highly motivating for clients, especially during challenging workouts or moments of doubt.

Trainers can use voice messages to provide words of encouragement, praise achievements, or offer support, boosting clients' morale and motivation to stay committed to their fitness goals.

Power your Coaching with ABC Trainerize

ABC Trainerize is the #1 coaching app to better engage your members.

With fitness, nutrition, and habit coaching features, plus in-app messaging, progress tracking, and more — it's everything you need to motivate and inspire. Plus, the Voice Messages feature offers easier and more personalized communication with clients!

Using voice messages when communicating with a clients can be a game changer Credit: Trainerize
04 Mar 2024
Why fitness studios are using fitness challenges to fuel member retention
In the dynamic world of fitness studios, member engagement and retention stand as pillars of success.

But, in an industry where member motivation can lapse and interest dwindle, how do fitness studios keep their members inspired, committed and eager to return?

Well, one of the most effective (and easiest!) ways is through fitness challenges. Whether it's a weight loss challenge, a strength-building competition, or a month-long fitness journey, challenges offer clear objectives and milestones to strive for.

These challenges ignite enthusiasm, foster community, and drive results for your members. This all leads to happier members, determined to come back for more — ultimately boosting your studio’s retention in a meaningful way.

Early data for Challenges on ABC Trainerize shows challenges = retention. Let’s take a closer look at why challenges play a huge role in member retention.

The Motivation of Measurement

Numbers don't lie, and they hold a lot of power when it comes to fitness challenges. That’s why measurement is key.

Whether it's tracking weight loss, monitoring progress in strength gains, or recording improvements in endurance, the ability to quantify results adds a layer of accountability and motivation.

Members are empowered by their progress, spurred on by tangible evidence of their hard work and dedication. And when they see other challenge participants excel, they’ll be motivated to stick with it. Success breeds success!

Incentives and Rewards Help Keep the Fire Burning

As mentioned, sometimes members struggle to find the motivation needed to work out. Offering incentives can help encourage members to show up and put in the work.

From discounts on memberships and merchandise, to exclusive perks and recognition, these incentives serve as powerful motivators, encouraging members
to push themselves further and stay committed to their goals.

The more committed they are, the more likely they are to see good progress — meaning they’re more likely to keep paying for membership. Everybody wins!

Building a Sense of Community and Connection

One of the most remarkable aspects of fitness challenges is their ability to foster a sense of community within the studio.

As members embark on their challenge journeys together, they form bonds, share experiences and offer support to one another. Whether it's celebrating victories,
commiserating over setbacks, or simply cheering each other on, the community spirit that arises from these challenges is unparalleled.

Whether your members need that extra motivation to hit their goals, or they just want to make new friends, group challenges provide them with the opportunity to
live a more fit and happy life.

The Ripple Effect: Impact Beyond the Challenge

Perhaps the most impactful element of fitness challenges is that their benefits extend far beyond their duration.

As members conquer challenges, they emerge stronger, more confident, and more deeply connected to the studio community. These positive experiences ripple outwards, influencing not only individual members but the studio as a whole.

Engaged, motivated members become ambassadors for your studio, attracting new participants and contributing to its ongoing success.

Power your Studio’s Coaching with ABC Trainerize

With Challenges on ABC Trainerize, we’ve completely reimagined challenges for the coaching and fitness industry.

Think beyond traditional scales and one-size-fits-all challenges. Instead, every rep, every meal, and every checked-off habit becomes a stepping stone toward fitness goals, all while infusing an element of fun, and healthy competition into their fitness journey.

Join the fitness revolution with ABC Trainerize and lead the way in providing exceptional experiences for your studio’s members. Embrace technology, enhance engagement and watch your studio thrive like never before!
Early data for Challenges on ABC Trainerize shows challenges = retention Credit: ABC Trainerize
04 Mar 2024
ABC Trainerize partners with WRKOUT to empower personal trainers to monetize product recommendations
ABC Fitness, the #1 tech provider for fitness businesses everywhere, is proud to announce the launch of TZ Storefront, a new partnership between ABC Trainerize and WRKOUT that empowers coaches and fitness professionals to support their clients’ wellness goals while launching a passive income stream through product recommendations.

TZ Storefront powered by WRKOUT marks yet another avenue through which ABC Trainerize, an award-winning ABC Fitness platform focused on helping personal trainers and coaches digitize their services, enables fitness professionals to leverage their expertise and scale their businesses. Trainers can now earn significant cash rewards when they recommend products, amplifying their business profits. Meanwhile, clients can shop the recommendations with peace of mind, knowing the products—such as supplements, fitness equipment, and apparel—are coming from a trusted source. With this innovation, ABC Fitness has added another tool to their ecosystem for trainers that supports the larger industry and builds another point of connection between coaches and their clients.

“ABC Trainerize supports coaches’ business growth, both through our personal training software and through powerful programs like this one. Trainers are helpers by nature and already recommend products to their clients. With our partnership with WRKOUT, we are enabling them to monetize that expertise as an additional revenue stream. Trainers will now be compensated for their product knowledge, at no cost to their clients and with no fees themselves—empowering them to provide better service to their clients and increase their impact and revenue,” says Sharad Mohan, Platform President for ABC Trainerize at ABC Fitness.

With TZ Storefront powered by WRKOUT, coaches can recommend the products they know, love, and trust from an ever-expanding catalog of industry-leading brands and earn cash rewards on every purchase—enabling personal trainers to build a powerful passive income stream within their fitness business. While platforms of this type are sometimes reserved for influencers or require large social media audiences, TZ Storefront is open to all fitness professionals—democratizing this valuable revenue stream across the fitness industry.

“This partnership is a true win-win for wellness professionals and their clients. Coaches can unlock a new way to support their clients in their wellness journeys while also unlocking a passive income stream. This allows clients to get advice from a trusted source on the products that align with their unique goals and needs, and then purchase them directly from best-in-class brands. Over 40 top brands and thousands of products are available in WRKOUT with more hitting the app nearly every week, broadening the opportunities for coaches to support their clients and earn rewards,” says WRKOUT Founder and CEO Curtis Christopherson.

TZ Storefront is now available to Trainerize Payments subscribers across the United States and Canada. Coaches can now share their knowledge and expertise through powerful, personalized recommendations and launch a new passive income stream with no application, no contract, and no fees—just client results and cash rewards.

For further information, visit
With TZ Storefront powered by WRKOUT, coaches can recommend products Credit: Workout
ABC Trainerize: news from and
In a world where technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, it's no surprise that fitness clubs are also evolving to stay ahead of the game.
In today's competitive business landscape, fitness enterprises seek exceptional member experiences and a competitive edge. ABC Trainerize for Enterprise is a groundbreaking digital platform designed to revolutionise member engagement and drive revenue growth across all fitness business scales.
Trainerize, powered by ABC Fitness Solutions, the premier fitness and coaching platform and mobile app that empowers engagement between fitness trainers, gym owners, and their clients, today announced that the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has become the newest partner to join the Trainerize Education Program.
Trainerize, the fitness business software making wellness accessible by empowering businesses to better engage with their members, announces its latest integration with Garmin®, a leading global provider of smartwatches, fitness trackers and digital health solutions.
Global gym software company ABC Fitness Solutions has entered an agreement to acquire boutique fitness management platform Glofox. The merger will extend ABC Fitness Solutions’ reach to 31m members in around 24,000 locations worldwide. The deal is expected to complete before the end of the year.
ABC Fitness Solutions has appointed Sharad Mohan as chief SaaS officer. Mohan was previously co-founder and MD of Trainerize, which was acquired by ABC in 2020. He will be working across other SaaS businesses within ABC, while continuing to lead Trainerize.
ABC Trainerize
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Address: #305 1250 Homer St, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 1C6, Canada
Sharad Mohan, co-founder & managing director
ABC Trainerize video gallery:
Key personnel
Sharad Mohan, co-founder & managing director
Key customers
ABC Trainerize customers are so diverse. First and probably our largest segment is our independent trainers. We’re seeing a great mix of types of coaches from your classic personal trainers to hybrid trainers, nutrition and wellness coaches, rehab therapists and group exercise instructors! The second big audience are boutique 1-4 location gyms and studios. We’ve seen a large number of these come in due to a need for online training during COVID but not only. Lastly - there are larger enterprises, fi tness clubs, franchises, box gyms or even corporate wellness providers that see the need for a member engagement solution.