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Take control of your digital ecosystem
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About us
Perfect Gym is a global software provider specialising in fitness and recreation facility management solutions. Trusted by over 1,500+ sites across 55+ countries, our scalable platform caters to a diverse array of businesses. Whether you're an individual gym, a large enterprise chain or a public/private leisure operator, we have all the tools you need for success.

Our mission at Perfect Gym is to empower companies worldwide to promote active lifestyles. Through our comprehensive platform, designed to facilitate a holistic member experience, we empower businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving fitness market.

Key products and services
Perfect Gym is more than software. Our scalable platform uses an open API to streamline operations, retain members and drive business growth. With an extensive ecosystem of 50+ technology and payment partners, we simplify and optimise the overall business management experience.

• Membership Management – convenient access to member, facility and employee data for informed decision-making and effective oversight of facility operations.
• Access Control – control access to specific zones using door readers based on customisable access rules.
• Marketing & Automation – personalised communications to engage and retain members for maximum satisfaction.
• Mobile App – effortless interaction with members, from class and personal training bookings to payments, club games and more.
• Client Portal – easy online access for members and guests to essential information and self-administration capabilities.
• Billing & Payments – innovative payment solutions for quick and secure in-person, online and recurring transactions.
• CRM – generate and manage leads to convert them into paying customers for business growth.
• Business Intelligence & Analytics – utilise intelligence-driven processes for faster data analysis, generating actionable insights to support your club's business strategy.
• Ecosystem Integrations – integrate with smart equipment, hardware, and 3rd parties to enhance your capabilities and provide a holistic member experience.
• Courses – run and manage courses, track progress on specific skills, and provide convenient online access for parents and teachers.
• Pro App – a dedicated mobile app for club employees to access and enter data on the go.
case study: Rubicon Leisure: “Perfect Gym proved themselves more capable than anybody else to listen to our needs”
Rubicon Leisure is a thriving community hub in Redditch dedicated to enhancing the well-being and satisfaction of its residents. They have embarked on an extraordinary digital transformation journey in collaboration with Perfect Gym. By implementing a custom-tailored management solution, Rubicon has not only met its core objectives but has also witnessed remarkable enhancements across its operations.

“We started on our digital transformation journey with Perfect Gym because they understood that we weren't just looking for a software solution. Perfect Gym proved themselves more capable than anybody else to listen to our needs” states John Oxley, Managing Director of Rubicon Leisure.

Data-Driven Decisions and Payment Efficiency

Perfect Gym's real-time dashboards have empowered Rubicon to make well-informed decisions instantly, significantly enhancing its operational efficiency. “The dashboards within the Perfect Gym environment present real live data in an instant, enabling us to understand exactly where our business is performing right at that moment,” says John.

Furthermore, Rubicon achieved a remarkable 97% success rate in processing recurring payments by strategically integrating GoCardless and Stripe with Perfect Gym's platform. This not only streamlined payment processes but also led to an impressive boost in collection rates, ensuring uninterrupted access for members who promptly fulfilled their payments.

George Doran, Commercial Manager at Rubicon, hailed the integration, stating, "It is a vast improvement. The administrative cost with GoCardless is similar to what we paid before, but we feel we and our customers have a much better service.”

30% Increase In Membership Sales

In turn, the introduction of Perfect Gym's Courses module led to a remarkable 30% surge in new memberships, particularly benefiting the swimming and golf programmes, each boasting around 1,500 participants.

Scott Brinkworth, General Manager at Rubicon Leisure, lauded the improvements, saying, “We started with 1,000 members enrolled in the swimming program. Since bringing Perfect Gym in, we are now up to 1,300. This growth can be predominantly attributed to enhanced communication and streamlined operations facilitated by the Perfect Gym system.”

86% of Members Use Mobile App

Rubicon Leisure made a strategic decision to also introduce a mobile app for its members, and this move has undoubtedly been a resounding success. The app has become an integral part of members' daily routines, with an impressive 86% of customers using it regularly to book classes and access facilities. This technological addition has revolutionised the ability to effectively manage class capacity and quickly fill cancelled places. All of this has been made possible through the Automation Centre which facilitates automatic notifications via SMS, push alerts and email.

“We use the Automation Centre for pretty much everything. Welcome emails when joining, notifications on class booking, waitlist, class availability, payment reminders, facility booking confirmation, cancellation notices etc.,” says George Doran.

Rubicon: “Perfect Gym Has Been Revolutionary For Us”

In conclusion, Perfect Gym has been nothing short of revolutionary for Rubicon Leisure, contributing significantly to increased revenue, improved member retention and enhanced program management.

To delve deeper into this transformative journey with Perfect Gym, visit:
“Perfect Gym proved themselves more capable than anybody else to listen to our needs” / Rek House
case study: Invictus Expands from 3 to 23 Clubs in 4 Years with Perfect Gym
Invictus is a fast-growing fitness chain from Kazakhstan. The company opened its first club in 2016, driven by a passion for fitness, with no grand ambitions of revolutionising the wellness industry in their country at the time. Now, through a successful partnership with Perfect Gym, Invictus aims to grow from its current 23 locations to an impressive 175 in the coming years.

The Invictus Story: How Did It All Start?

Shynggys Taneke, Invictus co-founder, reflects on their journey, stating, “We launched Invictus as one gym without the goal of turning it into a large fitness chain. Our previous software was suitable for managing one club. When we opened our second location, we knew we needed a more advanced management system to support scaling our business.”

Recognising the need for a robust solution, the company turned to Perfect Gym, a decision that marked a turning point in its development. Perfect Gym provided its scalable open software management platform to 3 clubs in 2018. Over the following years, the brand expanded to include 20 additional locations. Shynggys noted, "We opened our first 3 clubs in 3 years. After partnering with Perfect Gym, we launched 20 clubs in just 4 years."

Invictus’ primary goal was to introduce recurring payments for their memberships as the first fitness brand in Kazakhstan, where the concept of autopay was still in its early stages. Despite local limitations, Perfect Gym's payment integrations facilitated automatic recurring billing for Invictus members.

Perfect Gym: The Catalyst for Invictus Growth

Invictus is a digital transformation leader in the Kazakhstani wellness market, combining a successful business plan with cutting-edge technology. By harnessing the power of Perfect Gym's open platform, they have streamlined processes and created a hassle-free fitness journey for their members.

Around 80% of Invictus GO members opted for the convenience of recurring payments, a testament to the profound impact of Invictus' forward-thinking approach, combined with the cutting-edge technology provided by Perfect Gym.

Moreover, Invictus has emerged as the brand of choice in Kazakhstan by offering full mobile control over memberships, a seamless gym experience, easy class and personal training bookings and a high level of member engagement. This has resulted in a 69% year-over-year increase in visits.

After successful years in Kazakhstan, Invictus expanded its reach, opening new locations in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, with further international expansion plans in the pipeline. The company's ambitions include leveraging Perfect Gym's intuitive and easy-to-use system to launch new locations smoothly.

To explore further insights into Invictus' remarkable journey and discover how Perfect Gym continues to play a pivotal role in its growth, visit the full case study:
Perfect Gym: The Catalyst for Invictus Growth / Perfect Gym
case study: Oktopus Doubles Online Membership Purchases And Achieves 267% Increase In Class Attendance
Oktopus is a pioneering fitness brand in Georgia that leverages Perfect Gym's advanced solutions to enhance customer engagement and drive substantial growth. This forward-thinking gym exemplifies the power of digital transformation in achieving business goals.

Driven by its aspiration to dream big and reject the status quo, Oktopus recognised the need for a management system that could elevate club performance and efficiency. The choice was clear – Perfect Gym, a robust cloud-based management system designed to empower fitness businesses.

60% Boost in Member Retention

At the heart of Oktopus's customer-centric approach lies effective communication. This led to the adoption of Perfect Gym's Automation Centre, an omnichannel communication platform that automates and personalises communication, saving time and keeping members motivated.

Giorgi Asatiani, co-founder of Oktopus, highlights the impact, stating, "We use the Automation Centre all the time. We send emails and push notifications to reach our member engagement and retention goals. Thanks to this feature, we have seen customer retention growth of around 60%."

In turn, the introduction of reserve lists for unlimited classes has resulted in a remarkable 267% increase in attendance, facilitated by quick notifications of vacancies via push notifications on the mobile app.

Mobile App and Client Portal Double Online Membership Purchases

To enhance the member experience and interaction, Oktopus implemented the Perfect Gym mobile app and client portal, providing access to features such as class bookings and online payments.

"After introducing the mobile application, we noted a rise in class attendance. An impressive 94% of our members are active app users as they can book classes with a few screen taps. In 2022, twice as many members purchased their memberships online compared to the previous year. Nearly 17% of all payments are made through the app or website, saving clients' time and reducing the workload of our reception staff" explains Giorgi Asatiani.

This feature not only benefits members but also empowers management with actionable insights into client activity. Oktopus optimised its class offerings, resulting in a tripling of class attendance since introducing group class schedules. Based on Perfect Gym data, the most popular classes were identified, leading to the introduction of afternoon classes to maximise the use of studio space.

Oktopus Fitness Clubs exemplifies the transformative power of digital solutions. By enabling members to control their membership and streamlining communication, the company has achieved significant growth, improved administrative efficiency through automation, and data-driven insights to develop better business strategies.

Discover how Oktopus sets an example for fitness businesses aiming to achieve similar success:
Mobile App and Client Portal Double Online Membership Purchases / Perfect Gym
Perfect Gym Solutions S.A. video gallery:
Plans for the next 12 months
At Perfect Gym, our mission is to empower health, fitness, leisure and wellness companies worldwide in promoting an active lifestyle. We are committed to continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of the evolving digital transformation within these industries by expanding our ecosystem of integrations and partnerships.

To better serve our customers and anticipate their future needs, we closely track industry trends, tech advancements and ongoing client feedback. A recent example of this proactive approach is the launch of our Pro App. We understand that fitness professionals are often on the move and need powerful tools to manage their work from anywhere. With this in mind, we designed a solution that provides them with constant access to data and management on the go. We will continue working on this innovation and improvements in the next year and beyond.
Key personnel
Sebastian Szalachowski, CEO and co-founder
Blazej Rychlik, COO
Peter Croft, chief strategy officer
Nathan Dennis, global director of customer experience
Key customers
Perfect Gym serves 1,500+ clubs in 55+ countries.

Our clients include individual gyms, enterprise chains and public/private leisure operators such as:
• 1610
• Rubicon Leisure
• Club Towers
• YMCA St. Paul’s
• Underground Fitness
• The Laboratory Spa & Health Club
• NRG Gyms.
“One of our main strategies has been for a digital revolution of the business, and Perfect Gym has been key to this. Rubicon Leisure operates a variety of venues with many different aspects to each of them. Perfect Gym works with us to develop solutions that work for our business as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach”
– George Doran, Commercial Manager at Rubicon Leisure
"Perfect Gym gave us the opportunity to introduce recurring membership payments in the Kazakhstan fitness market and launch our Invictus GO chain. We opened our first 3 clubs in 3 years. After partnering with Perfect Gym, we launched 20 clubs in just 4 years."
– Shynggys Taneke, Cofounder, Invictus
“After introducing the Perfect Gym mobile app, we noted a rise in class attendance. An impressive 94% of our members are active app users, as they can book classes with a few screen taps. In 2022, twice as many members purchased their memberships online compared to the previous year. Nearly 17% of all payments are made through the app or website, saving clients' time and reducing the workload of our reception staff”
– Giorgi Asatiani, Co-founder of Oktopus
updates & press releases
16 May 2024
PerfectGym joins Sport Alliance
Sport Alliance, a Hamburg-based provider of innovative software solutions and services to gyms and fitness suites, has announced the acquisition of PerfectGym, the international software provider to fitness and leisure businesses.

With the acquisition of PerfectGym, Sport Alliance strengthens its team and international capabilities and further enhances its ability to bring digital innovation to fitness and leisure facilities globally.

Together, the new entity represents the premier software provider for top fitness chains including servicing 14 out of Europe’s top 30 chains. It is also the market leader among leisure centers in Australia and services customers in over 130 international chains in more than 55 countries, spearheading the digital transformation of over 10,000 sports facilities globally.

“We welcome PerfectGym into the Sport Alliance group. This is a significant milestone in supporting the fitness industry worldwide on its path towards further digitization. Sebastian and his team bring valuable international expertise and incredible motivation to the group; we are very much looking forward to the journey ahead,” says Daniel Hanelt, CEO of Sport Alliance.

“PerfectGym has always been committed to shaping the fitness industry and providing leading solutions to enterprise customers and complex sports facilities. In Sport Alliance we have found a partner for growth who shares our mission, and we are eager to continue to expand together,” says Sebastian Szałachowski, CEO of PerfectGym.

The acquisition was supported and backed by PSG Equity, which has been an investor in Sport Alliance since 2021.
L-R: Daniel Hanelt (CEO Sport Alliance), Konstantin Wolkowa (COO Sport Alliance), Kjeld Peters (CTO Sport Alliance), Philipp Rusch (CFO Sport Alliance) Credit: Sport Alliance
26 Mar 2024
GymNation & Perfect Gym: pioneering the future of fitness through innovative tech solutions
As one of the most technologically advanced fitness companies in the world, GymNation revolutionises the fitness landscape in the UAE with a strong emphasis on digital experiences and technological advancements.

Through the introduction of AI member assistants, GymNation provides hyper-personalisation, round-the-clock assistance, and multi-channel communication, resulting in a significant reduction in dormancy and a notable 1% improvement in retention. Moreover, the seamless integration of advanced technological capabilities, including Business Intelligence tools and predictive Machine Learning models boasts an impressive 87% accuracy in forecasting churn.

Perfect Gym provides essential support to GymNation through its open and scalable platform, facilitating smooth club management and expansion capabilities. Serving as a strong foundation, it enables the implementation of further innovations for continuous growth and success.

Notably, GymNation's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology was recognised in the latest ukactive Digital Futures assessment, where it achieved the Digital Leader status. This accomplishment involved doubling the average digital maturity score compared to 200 operators.

At the forefront of GymNation’s innovation stands Karl Foster, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, who asserts, "We must challenge the perception that the fitness industry will always lag behind in technological advancements that enhance services. I strongly believe in pushing those boundaries collectively, and now is the time to start doing it."

The new case study, How GymNation Achieved Digital Leadership in the Fitness Industry with Perfect Gym follows GymNation’s digital transformation journey across five fundamental pillars, including Operational Excellence, Platform Update, Digital Presence, Evolution and Transformation.

This is a must-read for everyone in the industry, as it exemplifies innovation and progress that is noteworthy, deeply inspiring, and motivating for professionals, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs alike.
Perfect Gym provides essential support to GymNation Credit: GymNation
07 Jun 2023
Perfect Gym Solutions partners with Medicover
Perfect Gym Solutions partners with Medicover to provide a modern open gym management platform to 90 fitness clubs from the brand's portfolio.

Perfect Gym Solutions, a leading provider of gym management software, announced an agreement to become the official software provider for fitness clubs owned by Medicover. Under the agreement, Perfect Gym Solutions will provide software solutions for 90 of the brand’s fitness clubs. The Medicover portfolio includes such well-known brands as Well Fitness, McFIT, Holmes Place, Platinium Fitness and Smart Gym. Medicover is the latest company that Perfect Gym provides services to globally which makes Perfect Gym Solutions the first choice for enterprise health & fitness clients.

Medicover is a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services provider, its fitness clubs offering top-quality gym facilities with a wide range of fitness classes, personal training, and wellness services. Perfect Gym Solutions will provide its innovative software solutions to enhance the overall gym experience for members and staff.

“We are excited to partner with Medicover to provide our modern open gym management platform”, said Sebastian Szałachowski, CEO of Perfect Gym Solutions. "Our software will enable streamline operations between many brands under Medicover, improve member engagement, and provide quality data. We are proud to share with Medicover our mission of building a more active and healthier world”.

According to Justyna Gościńska, Director of the Sport and Fitness Department at Medicover in Poland: “We’re very happy to partner with Perfect Gym Solutions to be able to provide our club members with the same level of service in all chains and to unify and standardize our work. Our joint commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting our clients in achieving their fitness goals makes Perfect Gym Solutions and Medicover the right partner."

“By choosing one proven service provider, we expect to move user experience to the next level in the digital area and constantly work to improve it” -says Maciej Kupis, Director of the Network of Fitness Clubs at Medicover in Poland.

The partnership between Perfect Gym Solutions and Medicover will begin immediately, with the software solutions set to be implemented across 90 clubs in the coming months.

For more information about Perfect Gym Solutions, visit: For more information about Medicover, visit:
Perfect Gym will provide software solutions for 90 Medicover fitness clubs Credit: Perfect Gym
Perfect Gym Solutions S.A.: featured in Sports Management, HCM and Fit Tech magazines
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Perfect Gym Solutions S.A.
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Address: Klimczaka 1, Royal Wilanów, Segment E, 4th floor, Warsaw, 02-797, Poland
Peter Croft, chief strategy officer
Perfect Gym Solutions S.A. video gallery:
Key personnel
Sebastian Szalachowski, CEO and co-founder
Blazej Rychlik, COO
Peter Croft, chief strategy officer
Nathan Dennis, global director of customer experience
Key customers
Perfect Gym serves 1,500+ clubs in 55+ countries.

Our clients include individual gyms, enterprise chains and public/private leisure operators such as:
• 1610
• Rubicon Leisure
• Club Towers
• YMCA St. Paul’s
• Underground Fitness
• The Laboratory Spa & Health Club
• NRG Gyms.