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Third Space Islington
Pulse Health & Fitness Carshalton, completely redeveloped thanks to recent investment by Pulse Fitness
Third Space Islington
Pulse Health & Fitness Carshalton, completely redeveloped thanks to recent investment by Pulse Fitness
About us
Pulse Fitness is an international provider of commercial and home fitness facilities. As well as offering operators 360-degree leisure solutions, from after sales to software installations, Pulse Fitness also designs and develops technologically advanced equipment for the sector.

With an award-winning portfolio of over 450 pieces of cutting-edge, premium fitness equipment, Pulse Fitness is proud to be the only company to research and build equipment of this standard in the UK.

Product range and services
Pulse Fitness offers a variety of different equipment ranges, from Classic, Club and Premium Strength Lines including popular kit such as the Shoulder Press, Abductor and Seated Row machines.

The range also comprises an extensive supply of Cardiovascular equipment. As well as a range of high-quality Strength and Cardiovascular machines, Pulse Fitness designs and produces a variety of Free Weight and Functional accessories to supplement any workout, at home or in the gym. This area of the product range comprises popular kit such as Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Olympic plates, Lifting Platforms and Power Racks.

The entirety of the Pulse Fitness range is designed with quality and performance in mind and each product goes through an extensive testing process before being given the final seal of approval. As well as ensuring all products are delivered to a high standard, Pulse Fitness is proud to own the largest range of accessible equipment on the market; an important area of the business that is helping to remove barriers to fitness for all.
case study: Third Space
Third Space, the Luxury London Health Club opened its Islington Club in early 2020 and chose Pulse Fitness to supply innovative and premium quality equipment.

Third Space Islington has a wide mixture of state-of-the-art training facilities including, for the first time, a dedicated space for families, Little Space. At the heart of the luxury health club is the 7,000sq ft arena of flexible training which includes a custom-built track, rig, performance cardio area and dedicated strength training area.

Offering a bespoke service

Taking its bespoke manufacturing capabilities to the next level, Pulse Fitness worked in partnership with the Third Space team to supply 15 stations from its superior H Range Strength Line. All equipment was created to a bespoke Sand Black and completed with Third Space branding to reflect the sleek aesthetic of the new club. The equipment was also fitted with 10-inch consoles, which allow users to easily track their reps and see their exertion levels.

“Third Space share our passion for quality and innovation and it has been a privilege to create and supply equipment from our strength line,” says Chris Johnson, Managing Director for Pulse Fitness. “We worked closely alongside the team to create and install strength equipment that would best suit the needs of their members. As a result of the great work delivered by Pulse Fitness in Third Space’s Islington club, Pulse was also chosen to supply premium fitness equipment for both its Tower Bridge and Mayfair clubs with a further install at Third Space Marylebone due to take place in 2022. ”

“We have been thoroughly impressed by Pulse Fitness throughout this process,” says Rob Beale, Fitness Director for Third Space. “Their strength equipment incorporates the very best in British design alongside some of the most innovative and advanced technology from around the world. The team have truly understood the expectations of our members and have supplied strength training solutions which enhance our luxury offering.”
Pulse Fitness at Third Space Islington / Pulse Fitness
Plans for the next 12 months
Each year, more and more consumers opt into the digital age of fitness to help keep them on track with their personal health journey. To ensure we are responding to this customer demand, this year we are continuing to enhance the development of our digital offering, TRAKK.

Dominik Rzadowski, UK Digital Sales Specialist was recently appointed to accelerate the growth of the TRAKK platform and provide a full 360 digital experience to operators and their members. Under Dom’s strategic lead, this year we will be enhancing the app with the introduction of features such as a class booking system, superior workout plans and automated account creation.

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, we’ll be adding new, market-leading products to our existing ranges and growing our most recent division, Pulse Resale. Resale was launched last year to enable customers to purchase fully serviced, pre-owned fitness equipment at a fraction of the cost and we’re looking forward to expanding this offering even further in 2023.
Key personnel
Chris Johnson, Managing Director
Richard Sheen, Commercial Sales Director
Key customers
We work with a wide range of private club operators, universities, schools, leisure trusts right across the sector.

Our clients range from the likes of Third Space to University of Liverpool to Suffolk Coastal District Council.

We are also proud to be an official supplier to the Ministry of Defence.
"We have been thoroughly impressed by Pulse Fitness. Their equipment incorporates the very best in British design alongside some of the most innovative and advanced technology from around the world.

The team have truly understood the expectations of our members and have supplied strength training solutions which enhance our luxury offering."
– Rob Beale, Fitness Director, Third Space
updates & press releases
07 Jun 2024
Explore the future of fitness solutions and experience the transformative power of TRAKK at Elevate
Pulse Fitness is a leading British fitness equipment manufacturer, boasting an award-winning portfolio of over 450 premium fitness equipment pieces. As the sole UK-based company to research, design, develop, and manufacture technologically advanced fitness solutions, Pulse Fitness stands at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

With a strong focus on promoting connected fitness for operators and their members, Pulse Fitness developed and continues to invest in its TRAKK ecosystem. Providing operators with member fitness tracking and programming, the TRAKK ecosystem seamlessly integrates into existing software and has proven results in enhancing member retention. From body composition analysis to guided workouts led by experts, TRAKK embraces the technological evolution to bring a premium fitness experience to every local community.

Select Pulse Fitness cardio and strength machines feature integrated console technology, offering instructional demo videos guided by industry experts, as well as access to apps such as Strava allowing users to re-run their external route indoors. This cutting-edge integration provides gymgoers with a wealth of knowledge on correct machine adjustments, optimal body positioning, and technique, maximising their efforts and minimising the risk of injury. Integrated touchscreens enable users to track reps, sets, and tempo in real-time, providing a comprehensive and interactive fitness experience. By empowering users with real-time data and expert guidance, Pulse Fitness ensures that every workout is both effective and safe.

Pulse Fitness recently celebrated the grand opening of its state-of-the-art showroom gym at Headquarters which will serve as a dedicated hub for ongoing research and development. Functioning as a live testing ground, the space will gather valuable insights and feedback from users, fostering a customer-centric approach to continuously enhance and refine machines based on real-world usage and user preferences.

This commitment to innovation will be on full display at Elevate 2024, where Pulse Fitness will be showcasing its latest advancements at stand F15 alongside E-GYM. Attendees are invited to explore the future of fitness solutions and experience firsthand the transformative power of TRAKK.
Pulse Fitness will be showcasing its latest advancements at Elevate on stand F15 alongside E-GYM Credit: Pulse Fitness
08 Feb 2024
Pulse Fitness unveils brand-new research centre at headquarters for innovative research and development
Pulse Fitness is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its state-of-the-art showroom gym at the company's headquarters this March, which is a testament to Pulse Fitness' commitment to excellence in fitness equipment. 

Located at the heart of the company's headquarters in Congleton, this space will now serve as a dedicated space for ongoing research and development. The showroom gym will function as a live testing ground, allowing Pulse Fitness to gather valuable insights and feedback from users. This customer-centric approach will enable the company to continuously enhance and refine its machines based on real-world usage and user preferences.

Dedicated to shifting the approach in product evolution, the space will allow the Pulse Fitness team to gather in-depth insights into user experiences and preferences. Pulse Fitness plans to implement enhancements and modifications that resonate with the diverse user base.

The centre will provide a hands-on experience for potential buyers to explore and test the latest cutting-edge machines in a fully equipped gym environment. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the innovation and quality that define Pulse Fitness products. In addition to its role as a hub for innovation, we are excited to announce that this space will operate as a fully functional commercial gym.

Pulse Fitness has scheduled viewings for this exciting new space. If you are interested in viewing this new research hub, please register your interest here.
Pulse Fitness is transforming the company's headquarters into a dynamic hub for both potential buyers and groundbreaking research and development Credit: Pulse Fitness
21 Dec 2023
Pulse has added a Curved Slat Treadmill to its offering
Pulse Fitness has announced the launch of two new products: the Curved Slat Treadmill and the Multi-Functional Trainer Rack.

The Curved Slat Treadmill is self-powered, featuring a 60-piece slatted rubber running surface that floats on 172 bearings, to deliver an effective, low-impact, high-intensity cardio workout.

It has a comprehensive console, offering users four levels of intensity and a bottle holder as standard.

The rack is versatile and suitable for a wide range of exercise options. Pulse claims it has a robust construction engineered for demanding commercial environments.

Dave Johnson, production director at Pulse Fitness, says: “The Curved Slat Treadmill and Trainer Rack are examples of our approach to innovation. The treadmill’s user-powered running surface promotes a more natural running motion that reduces the risk of injury while maximising the impact of the workout. The Trainer Rack is a versatile all-in-one solution for strength and functional training, accommodating a wide array of exercises in a compact footprint.”
The Curved Slat Treadmill from Pulse Fitness Credit: PULSE FITNESS
21 Dec 2023
Pulse Fitness welcomes Liam Lister to the team
Pulse Fitness is delighted to announce the return of Liam Lister to its team of industry talent. He has joined as director of regional sales.

With a career path that spans various sectors of the health and fitness industry, Lister brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

Lister's journey in the fitness industry began at the age of 16 when he joined the British Army, serving as a physical training instructor. Following his military career, he then transitioned into the private sector, working with prominent organisations like Total Fitness and Esporta, where he held key positions such as sales manager and general manager.

In 2018, Lister took on a role as business development director in Gym Flooring and most recently, he reconnected with Pulse Fitness as an account manager for its primary flooring contractor, maintaining a strong partnership with the company.

Lister expressed his excitement about rejoining the Pulse Fitness family, saying: "It doesn’t feel like I have ever been away. It is great to once again be a part of its close-knit, collaborative team dedicated to delivering the best-in-class fitness solutions.”

He also highlighted Pulse Fitness' continuous evolution, both in physical and digital products, with exciting developments on the horizon in the coming year. Liam recognised the company's growing momentum in securing new contracts, not only in the UK but internationally and across Government Services contracts.

Lister's return to Pulse Fitness reinforces the company's commitment to providing high-quality fitness solutions and services to its clients.

With his extensive background in the fitness industry and his passion for Pulse Fitness' mission, his presence on the team promises to be a valuable asset as the company continues to thrive and innovate.
RAF Brize Norton Credit: Pulse Fitness
16 Jun 2023
Pulse Fitness supports Neurokinex to enhance its spinal cord injury rehab programme
Leaders in fitness equipment manufacturing, Pulse Fitness has donated two Concept2 rowing machines to Neurokinex, a specialist activity-based neurorehabilitation charity, to provide vital support in the ongoing recovery of its clients.

Pulse Fitness is an award-winning fitness manufacturer providing top of the range solutions to both the leisure and private sector for over 40 years. Meanwhile, Neurokinex is a specialist organisation with sites at Bristol, Gatwick and Hemel Hempstead. Each of the specially equipped centres helps to enhance the lives of adults and children living with partial or complete paralysis.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Neurokinex relies heavily on donations, grants and funding programmes to safeguard its world-leading rehab programmes. Top quality equipment is key to its protocols and this donation from Pulse Fitness will enhance its lifechanging therapies for clients. The donated Concept2 rowing machines, worth over £1,000 each, have been specially adapted to support the broad range of client abilities present at Neurokinex. The machines are involved in the day-to-day training of Neurokinex clients and dependent on the client’s goals and capabilities, trainers can adapt how the client uses the machine to attain the best outcomes. The rowers are particularly beneficial for targeting global strength improvements of the core, upper and lower extremities and increasing cardiovascular fitness which is vital to reduce the risk of co-morbidites associated with spinal cord injury.

The machines will also play a key role in this year’s Step Up Challenge – the Neurokinex annual event that raises vital funds to keep its Step-Up Scheme open. An initiative that provides a lifechanging set of six free rehab sessions to adults and children with a new spinal cord injury, the Step Up Scheme provides a lifeline for newly injured people wanting to access the world-class Neurokinex facilities and expertise. It costs Neurokinex £420 per person to provide the Scheme and without donations it simply can’t continue.

This year’s Step Up Challenge will see the Neurokinex community kayak or row as far as they can go. Neurokinex trainer Laurence Green will attempt to kayak 250KM in a week while Neurokinex clients and trainers will aim to match his distance on the new Concept2 rowers.

“We are hugely grateful to Pulse Fitness for its generosity in giving us two Concept2 rowing machines,” says Harvey Sihota, Neurokinex CEO and founder. “We have been hoping to add rowing to our programmes for a while and within days of the rowers arriving, our trainers were busy adapting exercises to suit a range of clients. This is certainly a very versatile piece of kit and our clients will benefit greatly from this new way of exercising to build strength, improve core stability and raise their heart rate.”

“Over the last four decades, we have had the pleasure of installing and providing fitness equipment to a multitude of gyms, facilities and operators; seeing first-hand the positive benefits that movement and exercise can bring,” says Chris Johnson, Managing Director of Pulse Fitness. “So, it is a real honour to be working with Neurokinex who use the power of movement to create life-changing impacts each and every day. It has been great to see how the rowing machines are being incorporated into the training of different clients and how just one piece of kit can be used in so many different ways. We hope the donation continues to help clients at each of the centres progress in their individual rehabilitation journeys and we look forward to working with Neurokinex again in the near future.”
The donation from Pulse Fitness of two Concept2 rowing machines to Neurokinex will enhance its lifechanging therapies for clients Credit: Pulse Fitness
02 Jan 2023
Pulse Fitness on TRAKK for a healthy 2023
In 2021, Pulse Fitness added to its ever-growing portfolio of leisure industry services with the launch of TRAKK, its connected fitness app.

The app allows members to tap into prescribed workout plans, track their sessions and log their results, while operators benefit from enhanced member communication streams and integration into third party apps.

Now, Pulse has appointed Dominik Rzadowski, UK Digital Sales Specialist, to accelerate the development of TRAKK and provide a full 360 digital experience to operators and their members.

“Both operators and members want the same thing. An engaging, simple to use platform that promises results. So, to ensure we are continuing to offer the best product possible, we recently implemented some useful changes and upgrades to the TRAKK app.” says Dominik Rzadowski

“For example, thanks to our partnership with Tanita, members can now download their body composition data directly onto the TRAKK app helping them to stay in control of their individual fitness journey and track their progress. For operators, the TRAKK app will now run personalised facility promotions and banners encouraging users to click through to the relevant digital landing pages, enhancing member engagement even further.”

Since launch, operators all over the country, including the newly launched Killamarsh Active, have integrated TRAKK into their offering and over 15,000 users have downloaded the app to take their workouts to the next level.

“Looking ahead to 2023, we’re planning on implementing even more changes and feature upgrades to the TRAKK app, streamlining the user experience and providing operators with enhanced insights for member engagement.”

Find out more about the TRAKK app and book a free demo here
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Pulse Fitness
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Address: Radnor Park, Greenfield Road, Congleton, Cheshire , CW12 4TW, England
Chris Johnson, Managing Director
Key personnel
Chris Johnson, Managing Director
Richard Sheen, Commercial Sales Director
Key customers
We work with a wide range of private club operators, universities, schools, leisure trusts right across the sector.

Our clients range from the likes of Third Space to University of Liverpool to Suffolk Coastal District Council.

We are also proud to be an official supplier to the Ministry of Defence.