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About us
Taylor Made Designs (TMD) is a ‘leisure specialist’ provider of bespoke leisure workwear, plus branded retail and promotional merchandise.

A fully managed ‘one stop shop’ service meets the needs of every client. A digital e-commerce platform provides the perfect ordering solution for everyone, especially large, multisite and multi departmental organisations looking to take the headache out of uniform ordering and delivery.

Through the ‘Leisure Essentials Range’, TMD supplies affordable leisure basics. An experienced team fulfil embroidery and print requirements in-house, plus we offer overseas sourcing and manufacture service to capitalise on ‘best price sourcing’ should it be required.

TMD has a Trade Hub in the Netherlands & The Middle East to streamline Global distribution.

The Company launched in 1993 and is owned and managed by brothers James and Ed Taylor.

Product range and services
• A large range of ‘off the shelf’ uniforms and textiles to suit every need and budget
• A huge selection of customisable retail and promotional merchandise from padlocks to trampoline socks, gym towels and water bottles
• A competitively priced, own label ‘Leisure Essentials’ range, that can be customised and dispatched quickly and efficiently
• A network of international supply partners to ensure TMD continues to provide access to all the latest fabric and design innovations
• Quality embroidery and printing applied by a team of in-house specialists
• Online ordering system that enables orders to be placed directly by contacts at multiple sites
• Streamlined overseas distribution

case study: Mytime Active Appoints Taylor Made Designs As Preferred Uniform Supplier
Following a comprehensive competitive tender process, Mytime Active appointed Taylor Made Designs (TMD) to supply workwear to employees across its entire estate of diverse facilities and services.

“Mytime Active is an independent charity responsible for the management of a range of leisure, golf and wellbeing services and facilities across London, Kent, Hampshire and the Midlands” says Jason Stanton, CEO, Mytime Active.

“Across our estate, we have a team in excess of 800 employees operating in an array of roles including catering and hospitality, lifeguards and fitness instructors, grounds maintenance, golf professionals, swim instructors and health professionals – to name just a few. Each role has a specific uniform requirement, so we were looking for a partner who could supply a quality product to a diverse portfolio of needs and to multiple venues through an online platform. I am pleased to say, TMD has proved itself to be the right choice.”

“TMD offers an online stock management and ordering system. The platform acts like a virtual shop window displaying the various approved uniform products for each department and providing information on stock levels, lead times and costs. Our department heads can now manage the uniform requirements of their teams directly, which is hugely improving efficiencies.”

“Prior to the appointment of TMD, uniforms were provided by 11 independent suppliers, which made understanding and managing total stock levels a constant challenge. Now, with TMDs online e-commerce platform, all information is in one place and we have instant access to real time stock levels across the estate at the touch of a button.”

“Working with a leisure uniform specialist has proved its worth. I feel with TMD we have established a true long-term partnership.”
TMD Appointed Preferred Uniform Supplier by Mytime Active / Taylor Made Designs
case study: Places Leisure Extends Partnership With Taylor Made Designs
Following a nationwide competitive tender in 2022, Taylor Made Designs was reappointed by Places Leisure as its preferred uniform supplier.

Taylor Made Designs first began working with Places Leisure in 2014. This reappointment cements the partnership for at least a further 3 years.

Speaking about the partnership, Laura Lane, Head of People at Places Leisure, says: “Taylor Made Designs provides uniform to our 4,000 strong Places Leisure team across multiple sites.

“The online ordering process makes it super easy for new orders to be placed directly by individual sites, removing any need for a central function and ensuring garments are delivered quickly and efficiently direct to those who need it. Taylor Made Designs constantly delivers competitively priced, quality workwear to our teams effectively and efficiently which is why have chosen to renew our partnership.”

Taylor Made Designs has been providing specialist customisable workwear and merchandise to some of the biggest operators in the leisure industry for more than 30 years.

James Taylor, Managing Director, says: “Places Leisure continues to be one of our longest running partners and we are delighted that the relationship will continue. We work hard to evolve the uniform range in line with developing fabric technology and style trends, whilst maintaining high service levels and providing the latest SLA and financial reporting data.

This contract extension cements our position as the one of the leading suppliers of uniform and merchandise to the leisure sector.”
TMD preferred Uniform Supplier To Places Leisure / Taylor Made Designs
case study: Proinsight Chooses Taylor Made Designs' Customisable Water Bottles
Taylor Made Designs (TMD) supplies a range of customisable water bottles, including an uber cool, insulated stainless steel bottle that keeps water cool for hours, providing a refreshing drink long after refilling. Proinsight – a leading customer experience brand working in the leisure and entertainment sectors has invested in the bottles to help keep the team hydrated.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Taylor Made Designs, says: “The custom branded water bottle has been a stable merchandise product in gyms for many years, both as a retail item and as a member reward. Over the last few years, we have seen the popularity of the plastic bottle be superseded by classy ‘Chilly’ style bottles, which have now become a trendy, must have fashion item with wide appeal. Members and staff not only want a bottle they can use in the gym, they want a bottle they can be proud to take on their commute, whilst out walking or simply conducting their day to day business.”

This is why TMD sourced its insulated water bottle. The product can be custom-branded and is available in a wide range of colours.

Dave Hopkins, Founder at Proinsight, recently purchased these bottles for his team. Dave says: “Encouraging our team to keep hydrated is hugely important. Not drinking enough water can cause headaches, lethargy and dizziness which is obviously not conducive to productivity. Supplying a reusable bottle, that is environmentally produced, also negates the need for disposable cups, helping to keep wastage to a minimum. We like the bottle so much, we bought enough to also share them with our clients!”
Proinsight Keeps Team Hydrated With Taylor Made Designs Aluminium Waterbottles / Taylor Made Designs
Taylor Made Designs video gallery:
Plans for the next 12 months
To continue to manufacture and supply quality uniforms and merchandise that meets the evolving need of the market.
Investment in new territories like Europe and the Middle East. Technologies and digitalisation remains a focus to ensure TMD optimises efficiencies and delivers a frictionless experience for clients.
Sustainability is an important area. Recently, TMD launched its end of use textile recycling programme, reducing the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfill and reducing carbon emission.
Moving forwards, TMD will continue to explore sustainable practices that protect the business and the planet.
Key personnel
James Taylor, Managing Director
Key customers
Places Leisure
Parkwood Leisure
Merlin Entertainments
MyTime Active
Saga Cruise Lines
Doncaster Leisure & Cultural Trust
“Having sense-checked the market through an official tender process, we have confirmed that Taylor Made Designs are providing the best range of garments for our business at competitive prices.”
– Laura Lane, Head of People at Places Leisure
“Working in environments like swimming pools, plant rooms and gyms requires specialist fabrics and designs to ensure comfort, durability and moveability. Through its network of international providers, TMD can provide the technical garments we need and then customise them to reflect our brand requirements, creating highly bespoke products at an affordable price.”
– Chris Hone, Chief Operating Officer, Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust
“Working with a leisure uniform specialist has also proved its worth. The TMD team have a great understanding of the needs of our business and instant access to the technical materials and range of garments we need to ensure our teams are kitted out with workwear most suited to the needs of their role. “
– Jason Stanton, CEO, Mytime Active
updates & press releases
23 May 2024
Taylor Made Designs shares latest environmental impact report
As part of Taylor Made Design’s (TMD’s) ongoing commitment to its ‘carefully responsible’ sustainability vision, the company has introduced an end of use textile recycling program.

The last report by textile disposal and recycling program partner, Avena, shows , in the first quarter of 2024 approximately 1,200 kg of materials recalled from clients were collected from the TMD offices, sorted, securely shredded down and, where practical to do so, recycled.

When textiles are disposed of via landfill or incineration a side effect is the release of harmful carbon dioxide gases into the environment. By disposing of garments responsibly using this deconstruction and recycling process, a total of 500.345kg of CO2 has been saved from entering our atmosphere.

Ed Taylor, Managing Director, TMD, says: “We are fully committed to the idea of a circular economy where manufacturing materials are recycled rather than dumped as landfill and introduced our ‘end of life’ textile recycling program to provide a secure and sustainable disposal solution for clients. Right now, every second a lorry load of textile waste enters landfill. As an environmentally aware company we are doing our bit to reduce this and it is encouraging to see the positive impact our end of use textiles recycling process is already having on the world around us. TMD already conforms to ISO 9001, the globally recognised standard for quality management and we are in the process of working towards ISO 14001, the internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems (EMS). Achieving this standard is really important to us. In today’s world where climate change, biodiversity loss and resource depletion are affecting the health and sustainability of our planet, company’s like TMD have a significant role to play. The way we structure our processes, dispose of our waste and seek out supply partners with the same sustainability ambitions as ourselves, all contribute to the environmental impact we have on the planet. Working towards ISO 14001 provides a structured approach that guides our practices not only towards regulatory compliance but also towards environmental improvement, whilst also highlighting our environmental commitment to stakeholders, clients and potential clients around the world. We are absolutely committed to meeting this standard.”

In addition to its textile recycling process, TMD also selects partners who share the company’s ‘carefully responsible’ vision, working with a range of suppliers who have strong sustainability ethics.

Ed continues: “Our clients are becoming more and more ethically aware. Right now, it costs more to provide sustainable, ethically sourced workwear because of the costs involved in the manufacture and supply processes. To help clients manage their move to a more sustainable future we provide a full support and consultancy service. Working with clients, we devise strategies that switches-out selected products for more sustainable alternatives in planned and budgeted phases, at a pace that suits both finances and ambitions. The road to a sustainable future is a marathon, not a sprint and we support those willing to make the journey, every step of the way.”
1,200 kg of materials recalled from clients were collected from the TMD offices Credit: TMD
20 May 2024
Sustainable hydration – protecting the world, one sip at a time
In a drive to support healthy hydration habits, Taylor Made Designs (TMD) has launched a range of drinks bottles, including the new eco-friendly Ocean Bottle, to provide always-at-hand hydration solutions that are good for the planet as well as the individual.

For every Ocean Bottle sold, the manufacturer funds the collection of 11.4kg of ocean-bound plastic, the equivalent to 1,000 plastic bottles. This is helping to tackle the increasing environmental problems associated with the release of plastic into our oceans and improves the livelihoods in coastal communities. The bottle itself is entirely carbon neutral, manufactured largely from recycled stainless steel, with the ability to keep drinks hot or cold for up to 8 hours. It is also fully customisable.

James Taylor, MD at TMD, says: “Stainless steel drinks bottles provide a more sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. They also perform better in terms of their ability to keep drinks hot or cold for longer making the whole drinking experience more pleasurable. At TMD we take our environmental responsibility very seriously and are actively encouraging our customers to make purchasing choices based on the environmental impact. We love these Ocean Bottles because they align to our ambition to create a more sustainable future.”

In addition to the Ocean Bottles, TMD provides a range of alternative customisable drinks bottles to suit every need and budget.

James continues: “Hydration is so important to health. According to the Eatwell Guide referenced on the NHS website, we should all be aiming to drink between 6-8 glasses of fluid – preferably water, per day. Having a stylish drinks bottle at hand makes it super easy to always have access to fluids and to ensure dehydration does not become a problem.”

For more information about the full range of customisable drinks bottled supplied by TMD, plus many other merchandise products, visit:
TMD has launched a range of drinks bottles Credit: Taylor Made Designs
07 May 2024
TMD announces new Leisure Essentials line up
n response to the growing popularity of its own-brand range of leisure wear and merchandise, Taylor Made Designs (TMD) has added a host of new products to its Leisure Essentials range.

Designed and created for the people that wear it, the Leisure Essentials range launched last year to answer a growing demand from leisure operators for affordable, customisable team wear that exudes comfort, durability and style.

“We have been blown away by the success of our new line.” explains MD James Taylor, Founder and MD at TMD. When we launched Leisure Essentials, we stocked a limited range of garments. Over time, as demand has grown, we have extended the range which now includes lifeguard uniforms, a ¼ zip sports sweat top, shorts and track pants, all available in a range of colours and all customisable to create bespoke, workwear that unites a team under a collective brand.

“Leisure Essentials garments are designed in-house by TMD’s team of leisure experts and this is evident in the finer details of the product. Fabrics are carefully selected with comfort and resilience in mind. For example, our life guard uniforms are all moisture wicking to accommodate the humidity of a pool hall and our sports shorts incorporate a carabiner key hook on the belt to ensure keys are always at hand.”

The Leisure Essentials range is designed to meet the everyday needs of those who wear it whilst providing operators with quick and reliable access to stock.

James continues: “Our warehouse facility in the UK holds significant volume of all Leisure Essential items, meaning our supply chain is unaffected by continuing import challenges. We can also add custom-embroidery via our team of expert in-house machinists meaning orders can be dispatched within just a few days of order receipt. Knowing that we can turnaround orders in a matter of days negates the need for operators to store reserve stock on site where space is often a challenge. We also offer a no-minimum order policy so operators can order as little or as much stock as they need at any given time.”

To find out more about the Leisure Essentials range visit
The Leisure Essentials range launched last year Credit: Taylor Made Designs (TMD)
14 Mar 2024
ALVA Welcomes TMD as Corporate Partner
Taylor Made Designs (TMD) has officially pledged its support to hundreds of the UK’s most popular museums, galleries, palaces, castles, cathedrals, zoos, historic houses, heritage sites, gardens and leisure attractions, via a Corporate Partnership with the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA).

TMD’s Managing Director, James Taylor, says: “Through this new association with ALVA we will extend our reach, inviting many more attraction-based organisations to access our extensive, fully customisable workwear collection and range of merchandise - perfect for stocking giftshops and goodie bags.”

TMD has been supporting the Attractions industry for many years, with an impressive client portfolio that already includes some of the most iconic organisations in the business, some of which are ALVA members, such as Merlin Entertainments, Warner Bros Studio Tour, Southport Pleasureland, Brighton Palace Pier, Hobbledown Heath Adventure Park and The Mary Rose Trust.

James adds: “ALVA members represent more than 2,200 tourist sites, hosting over 119 million domestic and overseas visitors every year. This represents around 28 per cent of annual attraction visits in the UK. By formalising our relationship with ALVA, we are confirming our continued support to an industry that, according to Visit England, contributes around £106 billion to the UK economy (GDP). We look forward to playing our part in the industry’s continued growth and prosperity.”

Speaking about TMD joining as Corporate Partner, Bernard Donoghue, Director, ALVA, says: “We are delighted to welcome TMD into our fold as our exclusive workwear and merchandise partner. Through our carefully selected Corporate Partners we continue to give members access to added-value opportunities. This is exactly what TMD brings to the party.”

For more information about Taylor Made Designs, visit: For more information about ALVA, visit:
TMD is now an ALVA Corporate Partner Credit: Taylor Made Designs (TMD)
14 Nov 2023
Taylor Made Designs sets up in Holland and Poland to deliver direct to clients in mainland Europe
Taylor Made Designs (TMD) has for 30 years been based out of the South Coast, UK. Delivering uniform, workwear and branded merchandise to a significant base of loyal clients in the Superyacht, Hospitality and Leisure Sectors, and in more recent years, an expansion into the Cruise Line Sector.

‘Let’s face it, Brexit, and coming out of the European Union, has not been good for UK based businesses wanting to export into Europe,’ says Ed Taylor, Managing Director.

With an increasing requirement to supply new and existing clients across Europe, TMD has now set up Fiscal Representation in Holland, together with warehousing and logistical facilities in Berlicum, Holland and additional production capabilities in Lodz, close to Warsaw, Poland.

The move represents a significant opportunity for TMD to be able to provide its uniform management and consultancy services, supplying and manufacturing branded and unbranded uniform, workwear, gifts, and event giveaways to all sectors globally.

“Delivering into Europe, either via our 3LP partners in Berlicum, Netherlands or directly through our additional production facility in Lodz, Poland will remove unwanted stresses and paperwork for our clients – as though we were physically based in mainland Europe, having EU VAT status, which we now have. This move allows us to deliver directly to our clients, without duties, and providing our client has a valid EU VAT number, without VAT also. A simple, smooth transition through Europe, Of course, we will also continue to deliver under T1 status and hold stock for our clients where necessary.”

Mr Taylor continues, ‘We recognise that most of our client base is here in the UK, however, especially since the pandemic, a lot of our international clients have called for us to set up a more streamlined European distribution process to facilitate multiple European requirements. We have our eye on other 3PL facilities across the EU including France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

“It has been important for TMD to make this move in order to build on existing relationships and develop future partnerships with clients and operators.”

For further information, reach out to TMD by emailing [email protected] or +44 1202 473311.
Ed Taylor, Director, TMD; John Davies, Account Manager TMD Credit: TMD
12 Sep 2023
Blu Leisure makes a splash with new swimwear range made from recycled ocean plastics
This month, Blu Leisure launches Eco Blu its new, sustainable swimwear range created from recycled ocean plastics.

“Every year, an estimated 33 billion pounds of plastic is entering our oceans. This is having a devastating effect on marine life, causing the unnecessary deaths of millions of seabirds and hundreds of thousands of marine animals every year,” explains Vicki Peck, Blu Leisure Managing Director.

“By repurposing plastic bottles and other plastic waste recovered from the ocean into high quality products, in this case swimwear, we are creating a value for a material that otherwise threatens to cause irreversible damage to the marine ecosystem. At Blu Leisure we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. The launch of Eco Blu is part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and achieving net zero by 2030.”

Eco Blu is available now to any leisure operator keen to improve the sustainability of their swim retail offer. Garments are available for men and women, in a range of sizes.

Vicki adds: “In addition to the sustainability credentials, each garment is produced to the highest possible standard and has chlorine resistant properties which guard against wear and tear and optimise the product’s lifespan.

“Our strategy is to start the collection small, growing it slowly and responsibly to ensure we never over produce, thus safeguarding against the creation of excessive, avoidable waste, a huge problem in the global clothing industry.”

The lifespan of a fabric is not only determined by the way it is designed and manufactured but also by the way it is worn, washed and dried. Every Eco Blu item is accompanied by labelling that gives clear instructions on product care that supports longevity, again helping to reduce the amount of waste.

For more information about Eco Blu, visit: Or you can contact the Blu Leisure team on 01908 582525 for more details.
Eco Blu is a sustainable swimwear range created from recycled ocean plastics Credit: Blu Leisure
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Taylor Made Designs video gallery:
Key personnel
James Taylor, Managing Director
Key customers
Places Leisure
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Merlin Entertainments
MyTime Active
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