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Colin Jackson at opening of Sapphire Ice and Leisure
Rebecca Adlington at new centre opening
Everyone Active team at K2 Crawley
Colin Jackson at opening of Sapphire Ice and Leisure
Rebecca Adlington at new centre opening
Everyone Active team at K2 Crawley
What we can do for you
Everyone Active operates leisure centres in partnership with local councils across the UK. Today, Everyone Active manages 200 leisure facilities and cultural services in partnership with more than 60 different local authorities nationwide.

Key services
Our aim is to get communities active, engaged and entertained through our wide-ranging activities and services that include, sports, coaching, culture, events, health and happiness. We manage a vast range of indoor and outdoor facilities including swimming pools, spas, sports halls, squash courts, studios, fitness suites, climbing walls, cafes, golf courses, athletics stadia and sports pitches.

case study: East Staffordshire Borough Council, East Region
Starting on 1st February 2019, the 10-year contract included the delivery of £1.8m capital development schemes within the first twelve months of the contract.

The works comprised a full refurbishment of Meadowside Leisure Centre and part refurbishment of Uttoxeter Leisure Centre and creating a brand new 35 station fitness at Shobnall Leisure Complex. The investment was targeted to significantly refurbish the existing life-expired facilities.

The scheme at Meadowside Leisure Centre consisted of a major internal redesign and refurbishment of major activity spaces finalised with both a brand new 120 station fitness suite and soft play and climbing centre, creating a fantastic activity hub in the centre of the town.

The recent investment into the facility has ensured that the Council met its objective of offering Value for money services, identified in their Corporate plan. These new and diverse activities on offer have created more opportunities for the residents of East Staffordshire to participate in sport and recreation and improve their health and well-being.

Post refurbishment and within the first three months of Playworld opening, we saw an increase in both participation (up to 10,500) and revenue within the centre.

Within twelve month all remaining phase of capital investment came to fruition and the Authority now has three modern leisure centres which support the local community in becoming more active. The increase in leisure provision, facilities and services, including a brand-new fitness Suite at Shobnall Leisure Complex has assisted in meeting the needs of a growing community.

With the completion of all projects in 2019/20, the remaining years of the operating Contract promise to be very successful with a key factor of this success being the capital development schemes delivered by Everyone Active.
case study: Dacorum Borough Council, South-East Region
Starting on 1st April 2018 this 10-year contract included the delivery of the £1.5 million Hemel Hempstead Leisure Centre refurbishment to be completed within the first 12 months of the contract.

The investment was targeted to significantly upgrade and modernise the exiting fitness and changing facilities and significantly improve the Health and Well-being opportunities to the residents of Dacorum.

The scheme consisted of an internal redesign and refurbishment of a fitness suite which was separated into two different spaces. By building a mezzanine floor we were able to create one large fitness space and improve the environment significantly. Together with a state of the art 150 station fitness suite the works delivered fully refurbished aerobic studio, mind and body studio, a new group cycling studio, top of the range dry changing rooms, modernised café and social space, and refurbishment of reception and circulation areas. This creating a fantastic activity hub for all ages of the community.

The investment into the facility has ensured that Dacorum Borough Council and Everyone Active continue to deliver a service to all the residents at an affordable price, whilst increasing participation and reducing inactivity across the borough. The in-reach and outreach programmes have seen an increase in participation and an improvement of health and well-being.

Key Outcomes
Following the completion of the development programme by September 2018, Everyone Active – Hemel Hempstead has delivered the following key performance outcomes for the contract:

• Attendance increase of 32%
• Membership increase of over 600
• Quest Plus: Excellent
• Attrition average of only 4.3%
• An average internal Health and Safety audit score of 97%
• Successful Open Day with Olympian Max Whitlock, over 3,000 customers engaged and we received positive community support on the day.
case study: Somerset West and Taunton Council, West Region
A £1.2m facility investment programme across five regional facilities. Completed at the beginning of November 2019, with key achievements, including:

• Generated 11,000 Everyone Active Card holders - allowing us to effectively and efficiently communicate with users, and target market areas of low usage communities/areas
• Increased fitness memberships by more than 300 (total 3,806)
• Increased swimming lesson pupils by 150 per week (total 2,188)
• GP referral participation has increased to 447 participants, an increase of 20%.

The Toning Suite at Blackbrook formed a key part of the refurbishment work, focused on two of the Council’s target population groups – older adults and inactive people. The facility has 263 members, attendance has increased to over 840 visits per month, and attendance by males has increased by 400% since August 2019.

Specialised rehabilitation sessions including those for Parkinson’s, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Phase 4, Escape Pain (for those with long term knee or hip pain), circuits and gym-based circuits and a seated Pilates class. These sessions reduce social isolation which has enabled new friendships to form with the participants.

Partnership Working
We worked with a range of partners to support local community events and activities, including:

• The Autumn Walk Well programme in 2019 – encouraging older adults to keep active during colder months. 10 walks are now available weekly, regularly attracting between 90 and 110 people
• Musgrove Park Hospital – Beacon Centre, where we regularly attend their moving on days, for patients who have recently finished cancer treatment and provide information about our GP referral programme and other opportunities to participate in walks or centre based activities.
• ‘Community One Team’ – a wide range of organisations to support vulnerable communities by delivering activities such as the ‘Wacky Wednesday’ community holiday play day.
• Launched the EA Sporting Champions programme, which helps support 10 local athletes across the District.
Everyone Active video gallery:
Plans for the next 12 months
We will be working closely with our local authority clients and other partners to give confidence to our customers that they can safely return to our leisure facilities following the pandemic.

We will be working hard to re-establish the activity plans, coaching courses and tuition programmes which have been stalled by the pandemic, and we will focus closely on the commercial performance of the business to ensure we return to a sustainable financial model before the end of the year.
Key personnel
David Bibby, Managing Director
Pete Williams, Business Development Director
Ben Beevers, Group Development Director
Key customers
Our key customers are local authorities including district, borough, city and county councils.
“To successfully deliver on their contract bid, clear and robust mobilisation plans were developed and presented that gave us as a council, assurance that the contract was in safe hands. SLM was proactive throughout this stage and continues to be forward-thinking and progressive in its approach with us as its client.”
– Steve Hughes, Project Manager, Somerset West & Taunton Council
updates & press releases
13 Jan 2022
Double Olympic Champion Rebecca Adlington breaks ground ahead of new Rainham Leisure Centre
Everyone Active has got the New Year off to a flying start as it begins work on the brand new Rainham Leisure Centre.

Yesterday, four-time Olympic Medallist, Rebecca Adlington, alongside fellow Olympian and Director of ReCreation, Adrian Turner, joined Councillor Viddy Persaud, Havering’s Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure and Everyone Active to make the first cut of earth at the Rainham Recreation Ground.

The new facility is being delivered by Havering Council in partnership with Everyone Active, who manages the council’s leisure centres on its behalf.

The building will be a state-of-the-art design offering a range of facilities including a dance and spinning studio, 72-station fitness suite and six-lane swimming pool.

Following the ground-breaking ceremony, Adlington visited local school children at Rainham Village Primary School for a Q and A session.

She commented: “A centre like this is so important for the local community, not just as a way of staying healthy through exercise but also as a place for people of all ages to meet and socialise.

“Thousands of children will also have the opportunity to learn to swim here for decades to come, which is a vital skill that could save their life. And, who knows, one day a future Olympian might be discovered here, too!”

ReCreation, part of Olympian-led Sporting House Group, will manage the design and build of the new facility. The company uses innovative, modern methods of construction to give more communities across the country access to their own recreational space.

Tom Fletcher, Area Contract Manager at Everyone Active, commented: “This is the first step towards welcoming the local community to our new centre. This continued investment from the council will ensure we can enhance our leisure offering and continue to engage people from all backgrounds in exercise.

“We will continue to work hard with Havering Council and our build partners to ensure that every aspect of the refurbishment is completed to the highest quality.

“We’re delighted to be able to continue improving the lives and wellbeing of people in Havering and the surrounding areas.”

Adrian Turner, Director at ReCreation, added: “With two thousand council pools at risk of closure across the UK by 2030, we’re excited to be bringing a brand-new, future-proof leisure facility to the people of Havering.

“Leisure centres are a vital part of any community, offering a place for children to learn to swim and for local residents to maintain a healthier lifestyle for generations to come.”

Rainham Leisure Centre is part of a huge investment in leisure and sports facilities across the borough by the Council and follows the opening of Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre early last year.”

Councillor Viddy Persaud, Havering’s Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, said: “We were delighted to welcome Rebecca to Rainham to join us and Everyone Active, in marking this first big milestone in the building of what will be a fantastic new facility for not only the community in Rainham, but for the borough.

“This will be an excellent new leisure centre to meet all local needs and I’m extremely proud that unlike many other councils, we’ve been able to invest in our leisure centres, which are very important to both our physical and mental health.”
10 Jan 2022
Innovative experience TAGactive launched at Everyone Active
Everyone Active opened its first TAGactive Arena at Lammas Leisure Centre on Bank Holiday Monday, January 3.

The innovative activity is the first TAGactive to be unveiled at any of Everyone Active’s 200 sites across the country.

Part of an overall £20million investment in facilities in Ashfield, it sits alongside another exciting new feature for the centre, the soft play, in the former sports hall.

Both facilities will be available during an Open Weekend on January 22-23, being held across both Lammas Leisure Centre and Hucknall Leisure Centre.

TAGactive is a game for all ages and takes place in an obstacle course arena split into zones, each of which contain a large number of illuminated TAGs.

Players collect points by ‘tagging’ these with a sensor on their wristband, the points value of each TAG being determined by the degree of difficulty in reaching it.

A player’s score appears on an electronic scoreboard and adds the extra dimension of competition with rivals, as well as trying to post the best score of the day or even all time.

While TAGactive is aimed at all ages and interests, Everyone Active hopes its hybrid approach to activity, gaming and technology will encourage gamers to be more active, following a recent boom in online gaming’s popularity.

Ofcom’s ‘Online Nation – 2021 report’ revealed that 62 per cent of adults and 92 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds played online games on an electronic device, while smartphones were used for gaming by 39 per cent of UK adults

Ben Beevers, Everyone Active’s group development director, said: “TAGactive bridges the worlds of activity, gaming and technology and we are confident it will encourage new sections of the community to engage in exercise.

“This is something which people of all ages and abilities can enjoy and is sure to result in healthy competition between friends, family, colleagues or classmates. We’re excited to see this partnership develop and plan to launch at more sites in 2022.”

Cllr Rachel Madden, Ashfield District Council Cabinet Member for Leisure, Health and Wellbeing, said: “We are so excited to be bringing TAGactive to Lammas Leisure Centre. As the only one of its kind in the area, it really does bring the fun factor to exercise.

“It’s not for the faint-hearted, with a range of obstacles taking players over a number of levels from floor to ceiling. It’ll bring out the competitiveness in everyone! It’s the perfect activity for friends and family of all ages to enjoy together.”

TAGactive and soft play sessions are bookable via the Everyone Active app and website.
25 Nov 2021
Everyone Active successfully reopens exercise referral scheme thanks to EXi partnership
Everyone Active has joined forces with EXi, the award-winning app which is a UKCA marked class 1 medical device, providing an automated yet personalised exercise prescription. The digital solution is based on the latest scientific evidence for safety and effectiveness to those suffering from any number of 23 long-term conditions including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity and cancer.

The EXi platform, backed by Sport England, is a highly valuable tool in delivering exercise prescription. It has no barriers to participation and its digital format enables people to access it wherever and whenever they want.

Everyone Active is leading the way as a trusted leisure partner to the healthcare and medical industries. The relaunch of the exercise referral scheme in August has led to a smoother medical to fitness referral process, working closely with local communities to slowly eradicate health inequality. This includes enabling those living with chronic conditions from low social economic and disadvantaged areas to access the right effective healthcare for their chronic conditions and co-morbidities.

A training protocol for Everyone Active employees has been implemented and delivered through EXi’s CPD training. More than 130 of Everyone Active staff are being trained by EXi’s experts, including Carron Manning, EXi’s co-founder, physiotherapist and clinical director.

“The [EXi] health experts presented information to help our physical activity teams understand how new digital platforms can complement our customer offering and improve the health and wellbeing outcomes in our communities. The evidence, research and data demonstrated by EXi, helped our teams to further understand the ways fitness, sport and leisure can work closer together with the health and social care sector.” said Ben Beevers, Everyone Active’s Group Development Director.

He added, “This partnership has helped strengthen our exercise referral scheme and enabled us to support a wider range of individuals suffering with health conditions.”

Carron Manning, EXi Co-founder, said “We are delighted to be working with Everyone Active on this new initiative. It represents a huge opportunity for us to create a new GP referral to exercise pathway, incorporating all the flexibility and data capture that technology allows whilst utilising the dedicated support of the Everyone Active fitness professionals.

The beauty of our partnership with Everyone Active lies not just in the advanced and safe programming for people with long-term conditions, but also the reassurance that someone is looking out for them and looking over their data. We believe it is a superior option to usual care, and Everyone Active are way ahead of the curve in bringing GP referral to exercise services up to date.”

The Everyone Active exercise referral scheme is open to anyone who has a pre-existing health risk condition or those at risk of health conditions through a non-active lifestyle. Individuals will be referred to Everyone Active through a GP, Practice Nurse or Physiotherapist.

After being referred to the scheme, participants will benefit from at least two sessions weekly, over a two to three-month period. On completion of their programme, they can then benefit from 25% discount on an Everyone Active membership.
21 Oct 2021
Sporting heroes to officially open £22 million redevelopment at Everyone Active centre
A £22 million redevelopment project will be unveiled at Grange Paddocks Leisure Centre, as part of the official launch of the state-of-the-art centre.

Managed by Everyone Active, the Bishop’s Stortford based facility has undergone a major redevelopment by East Herts Council and will celebrate an official open day event on Saturday 23 October from 10am – 4pm.

The local community is invited to join in with the fun alongside former Olympic athlete, Colin Jackson, Commonwealth medallist and synchronised swimmer, Adele Carson, London 2012 Olympian and synchronised swimmer, Kate Skelton, and British record holder and former Olympian in freestyle swimming, Grant Turner.

At the new centre, residents will be able to enjoy a 25m eight lane competition main pool, teaching pool and water confidence zone, state of the art fitness suite, two exercise studios, self-contained football changing facilities and a café and seating area.

During the fun-filled open event, visitors will have the opportunity to try out these new facilities and a variety of activities for free, such as football skills with Britain’s Got Talent freestyle footballer, Jamie Knight and face painting.

A ‘Big Splash’ event will also take place from 10am – 12pm, which will be attended by children from local schools. Participants will be able to make a splash alongside Carson, Skelton, and Turner, and try a number of aquatic based activities such as synchronised swimming, a Rookie Lifeguard course and ‘dive and glide’ sessions.

All activities throughout the day will be free to all, however the team are encouraging visitors to make a small £2 voluntary donation which will go towards Everyone Active’s chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support. The team hopes to raise £4,000 over the weekend.

Dan Humphries, Contract Manager at Everyone Active, commented: “We’re so excited for the official launch of Grange Paddocks Leisure Centre.

“The centre will play pivotal part in helping the community to improve their health and wellbeing and so we’re really looking forward to being able to finally celebrate with an official open day.

“It will be great to see the local community benefiting from all the fantastic facilities we have on offer and hope they will join us for a weekend of fun-filled activities for the whole family.”

Councillor Eric Buckmaster, executive member for wellbeing at East Herts Council said, “This project has been a positive investment for East Herts Council and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the project team, council officers and contractors that have helped bring the project to life.

“Construction work began at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the opening of the new leisure centre shows how hard everyone has worked to make this happen.

“I look forward to seeing everyone there and witnessing the start of the journey to a healthier lifestyle for many residents and other visitors to the new Grange Paddocks.”

03 Sep 2021
Everyone Active helping to supply sports kit to youngsters
Local leisure provider Everyone Active is playing its part in helping get sports kit to youngsters, by supporting local BBC radio stations ‘Make a Difference’ – ‘Kit Out The Nation’ campaign.

Everyone Active, which runs over 200 leisure centres in partnership with more than 60 local authorities, will take part in the month-long initiative from Saturday, September 4 until Saturday, October 2.

The BBC is working with a host of partners around the country and the aim of the campaign is to take in unwanted, good-condition sports kit and equipment and distribute it to children and teenagers who need it.

The scheme comes in the wake of Sport England data published by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee in July, which showed 100,000 fewer children met the recommended level of activity in 2020 than in 2019.

A contributing issue is the access to sport and exercise because of the affordability of kit, a situation compounded by the pandemic.

As part of its commitment to encouraging activity in the local community, award-winning provider Everyone Active will be staging collections at over 70 centres. Kit will then be distributed to eligible local schools and clubs.

Everyone Active’s group development director, Ben Beevers, said: “We are very proud to support this initiative and hope it helps children and teenagers from all backgrounds in the UK to get active.

“We would encourage members of the community to dig out unwanted kit and equipment and drop it off at their nearest participating Everyone Active centre.

“It is so easy to take part and will make a big difference to the lives of young people in the local area.”

Chris Burns, Head of Audio and Digital for BBC England said “Make a Difference’ has been a phenomenal success during lockdown and I am proud that all 39 local BBC radio station will be involved in helping young people get access to sports kit and equipment they need to get fit and stay healthy through ‘Kit Out he Nation’.”

To find out more about how to get involved and which Everyone Active sites are participating, visit
23 Jun 2021
Leisure centres open their doors for free in aid of Armed Forces Day
Service men and women across the country are being invited to get active for free at Everyone Active centres in celebration of Armed Forces Day.

Leisure operator Everyone Active is offering members of the Armed Forces complimentary access to its over 200 leisure facilities nationwide on Saturday 26 June and Sunday 27 June. The goodwill gesture has been made to mark Armed Forces Day, which takes place on Saturday 26 June 2021.

This weekend, all those who serve in the Armed Forces will be granted free-of-charge access to the gyms and swimming pools in Everyone Active centres across the country.

There are currently 198,880 UK Service Personnel. Armed Forces Day is an opportunity for the nation to show their support for these service men and women and their families, as well as veterans and reservists.

David Bibby, managing director at Everyone Active, said: “We work with hundreds of communities across the country and we’re determined to support the people who live within them, including the service men and women.

“This initiative helps us to show our appreciation for their brilliant work. By offering them access to our centres, whether it’s a workout in the gym, a few leisurely lengths of the swimming pools or spending quality times with their loved ones during our family fun swims, we hope they are able to take advantage of the wealth of activities we offer.”

All Armed Forces personnel will be required to present proof of service at their chosen Everyone Active centre. They will also need to fill in the necessary Health & Safety forms and watch the online induction before being granted free access.
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Everyone Active
Tel: 01455 890 508
Address: 2 Watling Drive, Sketchley Meadows , Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 3EY, England
David Bibby, Managing Director
Everyone Active video gallery:
Key personnel
David Bibby, Managing Director
Pete Williams, Business Development Director
Ben Beevers, Group Development Director
Key customers
Our key customers are local authorities including district, borough, city and county councils.