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What we can do for you
InBody is dedicated to inspiring and leading people to live a healthier life, providing medically graded commercial and home use products, with the vision that one day health will not measured by weight but by having an accurate knowledge of the full body composition.

Key products or services
InBody provides products that are accurate, medically rated holding a CE mark and certified to ISO standards for the medical and health and fitness industry.

The hero products are the body composition analyses machines, which InBody is synonymous for. InBody also offers blood pressure monitors, digital height measurement devices, wrist based technology tracking devices and home use body composition scales.

The body composition range have a 98.4% correlation to the gold standard DEXA device and are used globally in a range of medical environments. Validated by over 2,000 research studies and being a supplier to the NHS. InBody is efficient for use with many different diseases for screening, measuring and monitoring. Supporting professionals in rehabilitation; fitness; dieticians; paediatrics; pathology; cardiology; nephrology; bariatrics as well as many others.
Plans for the next 12 months
InBody continues to grow its product offering. Ensuring that our range remains focused on our companies vision; educating and allowing for full body awareness, not simply weight. As the world becomes more aware of their own health, InBody is here to support this shift working with the health and fitness industry as well as corporates and the NHS, this is simply due to the full and tested product range we have to offer.
Key personnel
Francesca Cooper (UK Managing Director)
Greg Scott (UK Senior Sales Manager)
Key customers
Health & Fitness facilities; medical; NHS; corporates.
"InBody is a fantastic tool that complements the Third Space ethos of ‘Training for Life’. It adds to the professionalism of our PT product, adding credibility and allowing for realistic goal setting and tracking. The vast amount of data points InBody tracks, provides detail can be gained from every reading, both in performance and health metrics. This adds value to our membership and gives our world-class PT’s a chance to showcase their expertise and upsell our industry-leading PT product. InBody is now a staple of every Third Space club."
– Sebastian James (ANutr), PT Manager, Third Space
updates & press releases
30 May 2022
InBody joins ukactive as a Strategic Partner
InBody has announced a strategic partnership with ukactive, the UK’s leading membership body for the physical activity sector.

InBody joins ukactive as a Strategic Partner, to further the company’s vision in supporting children, young adults and their families in the need to develop a greater understanding and education of health and how it impacts on the overall quality of life.

In the past 18 months InBody has made significant progress in launching several new products to enhance and complement the medically graded range, which provide a tool for the medical and health and fitness market in understanding, monitoring and research into bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Partnerships now include several high profile Paediatric units at top hospitals, as well as Cardiology departments across the UK. InBody is working closely with these partners to help break down the use of bio impedance analysis as a way to really monitor children’s health, without focusing on the more traditional methods which are becoming outdated within the medical setting.

This focus, on making a real difference to our nation’s health, created a natural relationship and opportunity to become a Strategic Partner of ukactive, and to expand the network of change.

Francesca Cooper UK Co-Director says “To become part of the Strategic Partnership has always been the plan, however to really have something tangible to bring to the table and to gain support in making a difference, has to be the priority to join. InBody is now in that position and we are excited to finally become part of ukactive.”
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InBody UK
Tel: 01530 569620
Address: 11 Phoenix Park, Telford Way, Stephenson Industrial Estate, Coalville, Leicestershire, England
Francesca Cooper UK Director
Key personnel
Francesca Cooper (UK Managing Director)
Greg Scott (UK Senior Sales Manager)
Key customers
Health & Fitness facilities; medical; NHS; corporates.