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miha bodytec was established in 2007 in Gersthofen, Germany and is the market-leading supplier of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) equipment.

miha bodytec manufactures all of its EMS training devices and products in Germany and its i-Body device is used all over the world.

miha bodytec stands for reliable, innovative, safe and effective EMS training products.

We distribute to 54 countries across the globe with direct subsidiaries in the UK and USA.

The EMS training market is developing at pace in the UK, with miha bodytec’s system suitable for numerous industry segments, from personal trainers looking to diversify their offer to pure EMS studios and shop-in-shop EMS, integrated into existing clubs. For operators, EMS is an exciting opportunity to drive secondary spend and additional member revenue as EMS Personal Training appeals to people beyond the gym floor. For PTs it offers a way to diversify, innovate and increase revenue while improving work life balance.

Key products and services
Scientifically backed and proven in numerous scientific studies to help exercisers reliably achieve goals, EMS stimulates agonist and antagonist muscles via electrical impulses. This encourages contractions from deep muscles that individuals might otherwise struggle to target through regular training.

EMS improves muscular definition, strength, cardiovascular efficiency and rehabilitation.

EMS offers a time-efficient (just 20 minutes), Covid-secure, 1:1 or max 1:2 socially distanced training session. It is a highly effective and safe whole-body training method for improved fitness and health.

Full-body EMS training is a low-impact way to increase muscle strength and mass, whilst simultaneously reducing bodyfat.

It just as suitable for beginners and clients requiring rehabilitation as it is to elite athletes, and everyone in between.

EMS is an exciting opportunity for clubs and PTs to diversify and boost revenue. With over 2,700 EMS facilities and ¼ Million people using miha bodytec every week in Germany alone, EMS is now sweeping the market in the rest of Europe and the UK.

case study: Elite performance coach, Ruben Tabares
I first came across EMS training in a scientific journal; I remember reading it and thinking it sounded interesting. I then met Dr Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, who was using it in Munich in Germany, when I went there to recover from an injury. That was about eight years ago. I immediately invested in my own miha bodytec i-body device, and I have been using it ever since.

Over those eight years, EMS has become an important part of my training for rehabilitation from injury, strength and conditioning and to help stimulate my clients in a different way to ensure they achieve the required results. In professional sport, as well as in any health and fitness, having a well-rounded programme makes all the difference. I recommend a combination of factors: getting enough sleep, detoxification, adequate nutrition, water intake and recovery time. I focus on attitude, happiness and the right frame of mind and lastly a mix of strength, conditioning, sport specific training and EMS training.

With all of these factors in place, I can train any sports man or woman, no matter their discipline, to make them fitter, faster, stronger and healthier for their sport, and bring longevity to their career.

I attended the Royal Ballet from the age of seven until I was 14, was an England international 400m hurdler at 15 and GBR International and European champion at the age of 18. I then went on to study nutrition, sports therapy, strength and conditioning and anatomy and physiology. I’ve been training athletes for just over 20 years and all of my clients use EMS with me.

I use it with athletes from every discipline as well as other clients depending on their needs. After an initial adaptation period, once I feel the client is ready, I put all of my clients through an EMS programme to strengthen tendons, ligaments and fascia.

EMS helps my clients improve mobility, as well as health in general, plus it’s fun and something different to do, which has proven results. Previously I’ve used EMS as part of my training with Dina Asher-Smith (the current 200m world champion and British record holder) and Nya Kirby, the England International footballer currently signed professionally to Crystal Palace. I have trained multiple world champions across many sports and using EMS training alongside everything else I do; it completes the picture.

As a performance coach, it’s my job to help clients improve their conditioning and cognitive skills as well as make sure they’re bullet proof when it comes to injuries – and enjoying themselves whilst they are doing so. I feel EMS training contributes towards those goals.
case study: Osteopath and PT, Claire Worman
Claire Worman is an osteopath, Pilates tutor and EMS trainer. She first encountered EMS at Tribal in Chertsey.

My first experience of EMS was at Tribal 18 months ago, when I was training for a triathlon, and I took to it straight away. My strength improved noticeably with each session and, although EMS was the only thing I’d added to my routine, my waist was getting smaller. Plus, it had a hugely positive effect on other training – my running, cycling and swimming all improved.

I’ve always worked in the fitness sector. I began as an exercise to music teacher before moving on to teacher training and assessing exercise to music, gym instructor & PT courses. I also trained as an osteopath 21 years ago. I knew from the offset I wanted to use EMS with my patients and invested in a miha bodytec i-body system in September 2020. I use EMS as part of rehabilitation and osteopathic treatments, as well as for standalone general fitness sessions. It’s like missing link for my patients – getting their brain and muscles to connect.

I treat new patients with osteopathy first, to see what’s not working. If the problem is muscular, I then suggest EMS and 90% of clients have tried. Sometimes I combine both in a single session. From a practitioner point view, EMS is hugely successful in rehab; I’ve often felt I needed something like EMS to help clients connect with muscles groups that have become lazy or inhibited & who have poor motor control. EMS addresses this perfectly – it’s an automatic, pain free wake up for muscles – and for clients suffering with joint pain, scared it’ll hurt to do convectional exercise, EMS strengthens the soft tissue without unnecessarily over loading the joints & creating pain.

My patients love it. As sessions are 20-30 minutes max, they can arrive ready and off they go – many can now exercise without rushing during their lunch hour, even more so since the pandemic with people working from home. Just in the last 12 months I’ve helped alleviate lower back pain in a horse rider and fixed what I call ‘lockdown dining room chair syndrome’, both using EMS.

Another client is an ex air stewardess – a career in heels contributed to chronic lower back pain, which cortisone injections and shockwave therapy had failed to relieve. She couldn’t do any exercise as it would increase the inflammation and aggravate the pain. She’s now on her 16th week of EMS training, she’s no longer apprehensive of movement and she’s never been so mobile.

The success rate for pain relief has been through the roof; EMS is just a perfect solution. It has everything … it’s affordable, it’s not time consuming and it works for anyone.
case study: Personal trainer Sarah Biker
Personal trainer Sarah Biker, from Bedale in Yorkshire, invested in miha bodytec’s i-body EMS system in December 2020, and is already seeing improvements to her business, despite the pandemic and lockdowns.

“I’ve always loved sport and was a massive gym junkie, but my career was in sports massage. When, after 15 years, I developed quite serious eczema from doing so much massage, I retrained as a personal trainer, working with clients in a converted barn at my home. I’ve never looked back.

“The first time I tried EMS for myself I absolutely loved it. The effects on my body were almost instant – just one session made my abs pop out. I remember thinking ‘I can’t live without this!’ From a personal point of view, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep doing six hours of exercise a day forever – I worked out alongside each client and was getting joint and knee issues. Using EMS with them would make me stand back and give my body a breather while still giving them an effective session.

“Plus, I wanted more time to spend with family – I have three young children – without reducing my weekly revenue. Offering EMS means I can charge a higher price for a session that lasts half the time. Win win. I calculated it will take me a year to earn what I’ve invested in miha bodytec’s i-body system and, after that, it’s all profit. There and then I decided to go for it.

“Because of my background in sports massage I have lots of injury prone clients; EMS is the ideal solution for their rehabilitation, plus it’s much easier on me than doing endless massage. Offering EMS has enabled me to appeal to huge range of new clients, unfit and fit, old and young. I have gained new customers even in lockdown, all set to begin when the restrictions lift.

“I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t love it. My really fit clients love the challenge and newer customers who’ve come to me to get fit rave about it; they find it much less intimidating than using weights or even body weight exercises. I have lots of clients with impact issues who can’t do HIT and I think they love EMS more than anyone – all the benefits with no jumping! Most of my clients do one PT session as well as one EMS session, so I’m getting them for an extra session a week too.

“EMS has already made a difference to my business and I think that’s only going to keep improving when lockdown ends. It’s new and it’s exciting, so few people have heard of it up here in Yorkshire so it feels exclusive, and most importantly it works and gets results.”
Plans for the next 12 months
miha bodytec's focus for the coming 12 months centres around raising awareness of EMS as a new, innovative and effective form of training, and as a business opportunity for forward-thinking Personal Trainers and Wellbeing Professionals.
Key personnel
Phil Horton, Country Director UK & ROI
Andrew Cattell, EMS Business Development UK (North) & ROI
Mike Boon, EMS Business Development UK (London)
Charlotte Roberts, EMS Business Development UK (South)
Key customers
Personal Trainers, EMS Studios, Health Clubs and gyms, medical practices, Sports Clinicians and Athletes
“The first time I tried EMS I loved it. I knew I couldn't keep doing six hours of PT a day forever – using EMS would make me give my body a breather. Plus, I wanted more time to spend with my young children without reducing weekly revenue. Offering EMS means I can charge a higher price for sessions that last half the time. It has enabled me to appeal to a huge range of new clients, unfit and fit, old and young; I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t love it.”
– Sarah Biker, personal trainer
updates & press releases
04 Aug 2021
EMS personal training: shockingly simple
People's fitness goals are extremely diverse – ranging from an elite athlete focused on the next goal to someone who dislikes all activity due to chronic back pain.

Whatever the answer, electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) personal training is a perfect option. With its origins in high-performance training, this professional-grade technology has been routinely used by experts around the world for decades for everything from injury rehabilitation to elite sports performance.

In the late 2000’s EMS was embraced by PTs and studio innovators for more commercial, mainstream wellbeing and body sculpting.

miha bodytec’s iBody EMS device sends electrical signals to muscles, causing them to contract. It mimics the natural signal sent by the brain but is much more powerful. In fact, combining simple exercises like squats and lunges in a one-on-one PT session with the external stimulus of EMS activates up to 98 per cent muscle fibres, making it one of the most advanced, efficient workout tools on the market.

To reach their goals, most people try a traditional exercise routine consisting of cardio and strength activities. But, EMS PT provides an option that not only keeps things fresh and interesting, it can also help people reach goals faster and more efficiently.

Studies show that EMS training is as effective as HIT and requires far less time to achieve the same results. They both generate favourable changes in body composition and strength but EMS sessions are low impact, last just 20 minutes and only require a single session per week.

EMS is also a perfect tool for injuries and pain and is scientifically proven to speed up recovery for acute back pain and help prevent future back injury.

When operated by a certified EMS PT, EMS training can be used for every type of client from high performance to someone who is brand new to fitness.

EMS is a great way to give your PT revenue a boost; encourage your non-gym floor members or cardio-only users with EMS PT thus increasing yield per head.

EMS is something you have to experience, book your demo here.
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Fitness studio operator Bodystreet has expanded its UK operations with the opening of two new studios.
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miha bodytec
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Address: 14 Gower's Walk, London, E1 8PY, UK
Phil Horton, Country Director UK & ROI
Key personnel
Phil Horton, Country Director UK & ROI
Andrew Cattell, EMS Business Development UK (North) & ROI
Mike Boon, EMS Business Development UK (London)
Charlotte Roberts, EMS Business Development UK (South)
Key customers
Personal Trainers, EMS Studios, Health Clubs and gyms, medical practices, Sports Clinicians and Athletes