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TANITA MC-780MA P - Best selling device and number 1 for integrations.
Measure, Monitor and Motivate ALL your members with body composition analysis
TANITA MC-780MA P - Best selling device and number 1 for integrations.
Measure, Monitor and Motivate ALL your members with body composition analysis
About us
TANITA is the founder of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) being the first to bring a body fat analyser to the market. By continuing to innovate and develop, we have become the world leader in health monitoring and the only manufacturer making it available to both professionals and home users.

We work hard every day to do our bit for a healthier and happier world. We want to motivate people to take control of their own health. We do this through innovative technologies, development of new measurements and innovative products that are used across the health and fitness sectors.

Company background
Established in 1944, TANITA is the leading manufacturer of medical, commercial and consumer body composition monitors/scales worldwide.

Still operated as a family business, TANITA works closely with a global network of researchers and medical specialists, to ensure the highest accuracy and manufacturing quality.

TANITA offers the widest range of professional body composition solutions on the market, we understand a one size fits all approach does not work.

All TANITA professional products are validated against the gold standard 4C method of assessing body composition, not just DEXA, for optimal accuracy.

With software integrations available including Windows and app based solutions, connectivity with the leading software platforms in health and fitness, as well as kiosk based solutions, there really is something available for every facility and every budget.
TANITA video gallery:
Plans for the next 12 months
TANITA continue to operate at the forefront of clinical, medical and sports performance. Making the same technology available for the health and fitness industry.

The next 12 months will see TANITA build further partnerships and integrations to best serve the needs of the nation. Helping to support more people live healthier, happier lives.
Key personnel
Simon Bradeley, UK Commercial Manager
Simon Wilkinson, Sport & Fitness Lead
Key customers
TANITA's key customers come from the medical, including NHS, fitness and sports sectors. Ranging across the board from sole traders, through to multi-site national operators.
"Our members are loving seeing all the information and having a real visual of what they are achieving. It's such a good motivator to keep pushing on for their desired result. It allows us to focus on a variety of health markers and the ones that are most important to our clients.

We have seen a direct impact on engagement, motivation and as a result members keeping up with programmes for longer and seeing greater success."
– Steve McClory, Owner, Code Fitness, Newark
"We pride ourselves on supporting our members with reliable health and wellbeing data and Tanita enables us to do that. Using it helps us as an operator to build relationships with clients, which is an excellent way of increasing retention.

It allows us to provide clients, both corporate and club members, with a really accurate picture of their body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat and – importantly, their metabolic age."
– Kofi Boateng, Coach, Hero Training Club, Manchester
"SLL (Stevenage Leisure Ltd) has been using Tanita technology since 2014. This has made a huge difference in how we can monitor the progress of our customers and keep them motivated to reach their goals and ultimately, aids retention. All members are offered a body composition scan at week one, six and 12 as part of their member journey. The technology is easy and quick to use and the customer can see instantly where they have progressed or areas where we can help them to adjust their training or nutrition to help them to improve. Tanita has been instrumental in all health and wellbeing initiatives that we have offered over the years and is easily transported into the community as part of our outreach projects."
– Juanita Prescott, Head of Health and Wellbeing, Stevenage Leisure Limited/InspireAll
updates & press releases
19 Dec 2023
TANITA celebrates success of the first Body Transformation Challenge in partnership with Independent Gyms Network
In partnership with the Independent Gyms Network, TANITA is excited to announce the successful completion of its first Body Transformation Challenge.

Commencing on Monday, October 2nd, and spanning over 6 weeks, the challenge centred on fat loss, with participants' body fat changes tracked through TANITA's professional body composition analyzers.

This initiative has been strategically developed to promote active participation in the broader Independent Gyms community, showing the transformation impact of the challenges that promote the accountability of gym members.

11 gyms joined the challenge, along with 50 participants. The victorious gym won a one-year complimentary membership to the Independent Gyms Network, while the participant exhibiting the most remarkable reduction in body fat received a cutting-edge TANITA RD-953 body composition scale.

Winning Gym: Elements Health & Wellbeing, Stafford

Elements Health & Wellbeing, based in Stafford, emerged triumphant as the First Body Transformation Challenge winners. Their dedicated members collectively shed an impressive 20.3 kilograms of body fat during the challenge period. Led by Carl Davies, this facility is renowned for its holistic training approach, diverse equipment offerings, and comprehensive services, making it a must-visit destination for health & fitness enthusiasts in the Staffordshire region. Expressing his enthusiasm for the TANITA x Independent Gyms Network challenge, Carl Davies emphasised effectiveness in promoting member accountability. The clear goal set within a limited timeframe motivated participants, resulting in remarkable transformations and elevated member satisfaction.

Individual Winner: Amy Hall, NG2 Fitness

Amy Hall, from NG2 Fitness in Stoke on Trent, emerged as the individual victor, shedding an impressive 5.4 kilograms of body fat throughout the transformation challenge. For Amy, the challenge catalysed the implementation of substantial lifestyle changes, exercising with consistency and intensity than ever before and controlling her nutrition to be able to sustain this. Despite maintaining an active lifestyle, Amy grappled with weight issues post-lockdown and experimented with various short-term solutions. Working closely with Nick, the owner of NG2 Fitness, reignited her determination to pursue a sustained path toward improved health.

Regular progress checks with Nick using the TANITA MC-580 highlighted the results of Amy's consistent efforts, offering the motivation needed to stay committed to her transformation journey. Amy's progress is a clear demonstration of dedication and determination, earning recognition from both Nick and the TANITA team.

TANITA would like to thank all the gyms that took part and congratulate all members who took on the challenge. Building upon the success of this transformative challenge, TANITA and the Independent Gyms Network are excited to announce their collaboration for a Summer Body Transformation event next year. Stay updated by following the Instagram feeds of @tanita_professional and @independentgymsuk for further details!
Amy Hall, from NG2 Fitness in Stoke on Trent, was the individual victor Credit: Tanita
26 Jul 2023
North Warwickshire Leisure teams up with TANITA to deliver Health MOTs
North Warwickshire Leisure, a leading local authority leisure provider in the UK, has set its sights on prioritising community health and wellness.

In a strategic move to empower their community with valuable health insights, they have partnered with renowned health technology company TANITA. Together, they are revolutionising the way their members approach their health and well-being. The MC-780 MA body composition analysers, in conjunction with the TANITA Pro App, will be implemented across all three leisure centres, ensuring that members can access comprehensive Health MOTs like never before.

Russell Simkiss, Leisure Facilities Manager at North Warks Leisure, shares the organisation's vision and commitment to community well-being. "Our journey began with the Borough Council's strong dedication to promoting physical and mental health, fostering community engagement, and encouraging an active lifestyle," said Simkiss. The goal was clear: to offer a health-focused market to local residents, delivering detailed health checks conveniently at their doorstep, and extending this essential service to businesses, schools, and outreach locations.

The Health MOT initiative goes beyond a mere health check; it complements existing services, enhances the member journey, and adds value to memberships. North Warks Leisure aims to equip individuals, both facility users and non-users, with the tools and knowledge they need to take charge of their health journey effectively.

So why TANITA? The enthusiasm among customers and staff alike, as they tested and launched the service, revealed the true impact of the TANITA scales. An eye-opener for almost everyone who uses them, the health check provides invaluable insights into one's well-being, regardless of experience or ability. The informative statistics and injury prevention information are indeed priceless. However, it's the 'metabolic age' figure that captures people's focus, ultimately reflecting how well they are doing health-wise.

"Many questions arise after receiving the results," Simkiss explained, "but with the training and support offered, our exercise professionals can educate, reassure, and help individuals set achievable goals." Encouraging regular re-tests enables users to monitor their progress, fostering a commitment to improvement through facility usage, other activities, or a combination of both.

The Launch of the Service was meticulously planned to ensure maximum impact. The staff underwent comprehensive training, while awareness and promotional material created a buzz around the groundbreaking technology. A staggered launch approach allowed them to fine-tune the service at one site before expanding to others. Opting for instructor-led scales ensures customers receive personalised interaction and advice when receiving their results. The discreet placement of scales and the incorporation of positive messages and simple goals further enriched the experience.

From a facility management and local authority standpoint, the TANITA scales are proving to be a game-changer. They enhance customer interaction and offer residents meaningful data to focus on improving their health, positively impacting customer retention rates. Moreover, these scales are invaluable tools for engaging new patrons at businesses, community events, and outreach locations, driving footfall back to the leisure centre.

Focusing on Disease Prevention: The Health MOT initiative is about more than just 'cure'—it focuses on disease prevention and empowers individuals to lead healthier lifestyles. A testament to its immediate success, within the first month, over 15% of the membership base has already undergone their first MOT.

Simon Wilkinson, Sport & Fitness Lead for TANITA in the UK comments, “it’s essential that if we want to impact the health of more people we need to think outside of the walls of the gym. Utilising body composition technology and health assessments with members and non-members allows for a clear and meaningful conversation about what matters to the individual, and most importantly how you can support them to improve it.”

As North Warks Leisure and TANITA join hands, their shared dedication to fostering a healthier and more active community promises a brighter future for all.
North Warwickshire Leisure has partnered with health technology company TANITA Credit: Tanita / North Warwickshire Leisure
08 Mar 2022
Tanita partners with PT Academy to bring the first recognised body composition course for PTs and fitness professionals
PT Academy, Europe’s leading and largest fitness education company, is joining forces with world leader in body composition monitoring equipment Tanita to develop an unprecedented body composition course.

The first course of its kind and available exclusively to qualified PTs, the programme helps fitness professionals lead the pack in applying an innovative approach in helping their clients reach their ultimate health and fitness potential. Alongside learning how to build body composition analysis into their business plan and positively impacting recruitment and retention.

Combining Tanita’s extensive expertise and leadership in providing body composition technology equipment and PT Academy’s innovative approach in creating the new wave of elite PTs, the course will provide PTs and fitness professionals with knowledge, skills and edge to take their client’s progression to the next level.

Tracking body composition has garnered massive interest in recent years, in particular within the fitness industry and the technology is now prevalent in hundreds of facilities.

Through accurate measurement and tracking of changes in fat, muscle and water, health and fitness professionals can provide effective interventions for the success of a training or nutritional programme for themselves and their clients.

Understanding how the technology works and the importance of metrics such as these in the process of achieving one’s goals is paramount to developing the ideal body composition for your health, fitness or sport.

This exclusive course covers all elements of body composition analysis, from how the technology works to how you can utilise the many clinical and medical applications with a range whole of clients.
PT Academy focuses on providing expert education to PTs and is the only fitness education company to use active PTs as part of its delivery team. Tanita will work with PT Academy to extend its scientific approach to body composition testing with leading-edge science.

Simon Wilkinson, sport and fitness lead for Tanita said: “Body composition analysis is now more prevalent than ever within the fitness industry, but the knowledge of how the technology works and how to get the most out of it as a health and fitness professional, is limited within the sector.

“Tanita wanted to work with another world-leading provider to develop a comprehensive and thought-provoking and accessible course for all the health and fitness industry.”

Adam Kiani, founder and CEO of PT Academy, commented: “Personal training is about education, motivation and achievement – once you understand your client’s body you can work smarter, not harder, to get the best results with the right exercise and nutrition.

“We’re committed to being pioneers in personal training and Tanita’s body composition science and related testing is a massive step forward in first-class training.”

For further information contact [email protected] or [email protected]
14 Jan 2022
Focus on health to attract and retain new members in 2022
The ‘health seeker’ is a term being used a lot within fitness right now, as recent surveys have shown.

At Tanita we’ve been using this term for some time to describe those gym members where perhaps the aesthetics of fitness are not the main motivator, instead consumers are more interested in health benefits.

They’ve often been the most difficult to engage with, as they largely have quite vague reasons to join and retaining them can be challenging.

Body composition technology and the wide range of health data available such as muscle, fat, visceral fat, water and metabolic age has been utilised for a long time as an essential tool to facilitate engagement with this gym member demographic.

Focusing on the different areas of ‘health’ motivates these members and when they can monitor and track their improvements in these areas, they remain members for longer.

What strategies do you have in place to hit your January new member targets?

Body composition assessments with Tanita Europe B.V. – the worldwide leader in health monitoring – are a proven method of attracting and retaining members.

"To attract and retain members in 2022, focus on health," Simon Wilkinson adds, Tanita's fitness & sport lead/technical rep UK.

What are the benefits?
– Show prospective new members more about their health than they’ve ever seen before!

– Evidence your value immediately!

– Personalise your discussions with members about their health and activity!
– 'Free' health assessments for all new starters in January!

The possibilities with Tanita go on and on, speak with us today about how your health and fitness facility can benefit.
Body composition assessments with Tanita Europe B.V. – the worldwide leader in health monitoring – are a proven method of attracting and retaining members
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Simon Wilkinson, Sport & Fitness Lead
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Key personnel
Simon Bradeley, UK Commercial Manager
Simon Wilkinson, Sport & Fitness Lead
Key customers
TANITA's key customers come from the medical, including NHS, fitness and sports sectors. Ranging across the board from sole traders, through to multi-site national operators.