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Mindbody Business App
Mindbody's Virtual Wellness Platform
Fitmetrix by Mindbody
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Mindbody is the leading technology platform for the wellness industry, featuring an app that allows users to discover and book fitness, beauty and integrative health services, and industry-leading software for business growth and management.

Since its very first iteration, Mindbody’s software has turned that idea into an imperative, streamlining all aspects of business management for thousands of health and wellness businesses across six continents. The result is software with a positive impact on the health and wellness of the world.

Key products and services
Mindbody is an all-in-one fitness software that provides first-rate service for your clients and the most effective business management for your studio.

With a full set of tools to handle your operations, including scheduling, staff management and reporting, you can concentrate on making your clients feel their best.

Mindbody's Marketing Suite will help you to acquire new customers, increase visit frequency, get actionable feedback, win back lost clients, and generate word-of-mouth marketing. And save time doing it, so you can focus on your business.

Accept payments anywhere, and stabilise your cash flow and grow your customer base with monthly memberships. Take payments ahead of time, safely and securely, with stored credit card details. And accept in-person payments with our POS hardware, for a completely integrated payments solution.

Give your clients the power to book through the Mindbody app, your custom branded app, or your website. It’s painless for clients and allows more time for your team to focus on customer experience.

Wherever they are, keep your clients engaged with your fitness classes using live streaming and video on demand features integrated directly in your software.

Motivate and inspire clients to keep coming back for more with personalised performance tracking. FitMetrix by Mindbody keeps your clients fired up, with gamified workouts, anytime access to their results, and stronger client-trainer relationships.

case study: How Heartcore Benefits from a Hybrid Business Model During a Pandemic
Founded over 12 years ago, Heartcore prides itself on being the creators of London’s fitness and wellness scene with one simple goal in mind—to touch lives. With more than a decade spent between Los Angeles and London, founder Jess Schuring has worked with numerous people on both continents whilst shaping the UK fitness landscape with the roll-out of her hugely popular studios. When she moved to London in 2007, she didn’t only bring her passion for fitness with her, but also her knack for creating beautiful spaces that make people feel inspired to work out. This is how Heartcore was born.

But like many fitness businesses all over the world, the COVID-19 pandemic forced all 10 of Heartcore’s locations across the UK to shut down in March of 2020 to help keep communities safe. For a business that was used to seeing their in-studio classes packed to the brim with their loyal client base, they knew they had to pivot their class offerings and start exploring digital options to keep their clients moving and healthy throughout the pandemic.

Since Heartcore is such a beloved fitness brand in the UK, they didn’t have much trouble connecting with their clients online. “When we announced our shutdown, which was in March, we initially started with Instagram live classes,” says Erica Delaney, Marketing Manager for Heartcore. “So, we sent an email to our entire database, letting our clients know we wanted to stay connected and to follow along with us on Instagram.” Shifting their studio offerings to online classes proved to be successful—within a week, their Instagram following grew by 16,000 followers.

“That really showed us that our Heartcore clients wanted to stay connected even during such a tricky time," says Delaney.

The dedication to keeping a strong sense of community was also at the forefront of Heartcore’s efforts during such a tricky time. “We really encouraged community however we could get it,” says Jess Hatley, Head of Business Operations at Heartcore. “We would ask our clients to have a friend take a virtual class with them or we would offer free virtual classes every now and then.”

Hatley also stresses that they were keen on giving back to the medical community who were working tirelessly to keep folks healthy and safe, as well. “We offered free classes for NHS workers. We wanted to make sure that anyone who's involved in the medical community and doing such a great service was supported with free classes."

How Mindbody helped Heartcore's community book virtual classes
When the brand switched over to live streaming its classes, they were worried that clients would be confused with how they could sign up for classes. Realizing that consistency is key to helping their community transition to a digital platform, Heartcore’s team credits their branded app to making the process a seamless experience.

“I think the ease of being able to book a class in the same way as they did in the past—I think that meant a lot to guests,” says Delaney. “To give them that sense of familiarity and know that some things have stayed the same like booking through the Heartcore app and finding their favorite teacher on the schedule—there’s definitely something there in the beauty of routine and familiarity.”

Luckily, the studio has been able to resume in-studio classes since late July, but their digital offerings still play a big role with a group of around 2500 clients who continue to live stream. “It's been a wild ride. And obviously, digital has been a big theme for us since the original lockdown,” says Hatley. “Now, we're kind of playing with the hybrid model of digital classes and studio classes, and just taking it kind of week by week and seeing what our clients want.” Currently, seven of their 10 locations are able to welcome their clients back for the in-studio experience, and occupancy continues to be strong. However, by adopting a hybrid business model, clients who don’t feel comfortable coming into one of the open studios, or usually attend one of the studios that are currently closed, every single one of their clients can still enjoy the Heartcore experience.

Now, the team at Heartcore is making sure they future proof the business by continuing to implement other digital offerings like Video on Demand, a key benefit in getting their content to their loyal clients and to help create another revenue stream. They hope to offer this through the Mindbody Branded Mobile App to help their clients easily access and sign up for hybrid and Video on Demand only memberships.
case study: How Neal’s Yard Uses Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform to Grow Their Digital Presence
To say that wellness is at the heart of the mission of internationally known brand Neal’s Yard would be an understatement. Founded in 1981, they are a modern apothecary whose ethos is highly regarded for being an organic, sustainable, and ethical company.

From small beginnings in a quiet corner of Covent Garden, they are now a global brand with a growing presence that spans across five continents. But even for a massively successful brand like Neal’s Yard, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the company to face some challenges this year. Luckily, the company was able to shift their focus to relying on online product sales and offering virtual therapy treatments through Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform.

“In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was virtually impossible to know where this was going to go,” says Charlie McCorry, head of business development at Neal’s Yard.

“Luckily, our business was already online in terms of our product, but we quickly realized our focus needed to change to everything digital first for every channel of our business.”

Prior to the pandemic, “One of the biggest things for us during this time was using the Mindbody system for our therapy business. My key focus was making sure we used it to the best of our ability,” McCorry says. The ability for their software system to accept online payments and offer online therapy sessions became an absolute must for the brand to continue to grow their customer base and connect with their community—even in the face of the coronavirus.

Historically, Neal’s Yard depended widely on the in-house experience to cater to their clients’ needs, but the two lockdowns the UK has faced due to the spread of the coronavirus didn’t stop them from offering their services. The company is known for unique offerings that don’t necessarily require a literal hands-on approach—services that have been extremely beneficial for their clients who are trying to adapt to this new normal.

“Our business isn't just about massages and facials—we’re not your typical beauty salon. We are a holistic centre and a treatment centre that has some of the best experts in the world,” says McCorry. "We offer counselling, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, meditation—these are all services numerous people around the world are benefitting from during a time like this.”

Using Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform in a unique way to book appointments and deciding to competitively price their online therapy sessions allowed the already successful brand to actually grow their customer base by opening up their services to people located all over the world. With a digital presence, customers don’t have to live in the UK or travel there to get the full Neal’s Yard experience.

“In-house, these services are priced quite high, usually. And what we wanted to do was to be able to launch online therapy sessions to our customers and new customers as well, and say, ‘Look, you can reach us, you can reach our experts through this virtual platform, but at a very reasonable cost.’”

Needless to say, the platform was a necessity for Neal’s Yard and not only accommodated their existing client base but allowed them to reach clients all over the world who were looking for therapeutic relief from stress. In fact, the company has seen a huge spike in clients from various countries booking online therapy sessions.

“We have clients in the Netherlands, the US—we even had someone from South Korea the other day book a treatment. So, all of a sudden, we're able to open up our therapies to an extensive market and then an international one.”

In recent weeks, Neal’s Yard has been able to re-open a good portion of their locations to provide in-house therapy services to their local clientele—but with some areas in the UK still under lockdown and an international fan base, their digital presence is still very much alive. “If the store in their tier is closed, or if they can't travel, they have the option of getting their favourite therapists still online.”

By the looks of it, a hybrid-esque model is here to stay for Neal’s Yard to keep the masses happy and stress-free. Because they were so quick to pivot their focus to the digital aspects of their business, they have been able to grow throughout the coronavirus pandemic—and will continue to do so.
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Plans for the next 12 months
Mindbody will continue to iterate on its Virtual Wellness Platform—a livestreaming and video on demand platform that was released in 2020 to provide fitness studio owners with additional revenue sources as they navigated the pandemic.

The Virtual Wellness Platform provides a best-in-class virtual service to Mindbody customers that is tightly integrated with the rest of the platform to make it easy to use for our customers and their clients.
Key personnel
Josh McCarter, CEO
Phil Coxon, Managing Director, EMEA
Key customers
Fitness and wellness businesses around the world, from single location studios to some of the world's biggest brands use Mindbody software.
"It is our top priority to ensure that F45 franchisees have access to market-leading software and systems and the team at Mindbody is uniquely positioned to support F45 now and into the future.”
– Adam Gilchrist, F45 Training Co-founder and CEO
updates & press releases
04 Mar 2022
Wellness tech platform Mindbody partners with TRIB3
Experience technology platform Mindbody has announced a global agreement with boutique fitness brand TRIB3 to support its franchisees as it expands internationally.

"A key component of success for our fitness industry is community. Mindbody’s data consistently shows that sense of community plays a key role in why consumers choose to partake in wellness experiences. With a premium fitness offering and a keen focus on building and fostering community in each individual location, TRIB3 is poised for impressive growth," said Josh McCarter, Mindbody CEO.

"With an expansive and constantly evolving suite of offerings, we look forward to growing alongside TRIB3 in this partnership."

TRIB3 sets itself apart in the fitness market through intensive and inclusive high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions with three elements: treadmills, resistance and intensity. Each TRIB3 location also nurtures its member community through purpose-designed lounge areas and mixology bars that host events, socials and celebrations of key milestones.

With locations currently open in territories including the UK, Spain, and Finland and stores sold in eight countries globally, TRIB3 continues broadening its reputation, brand and network across the globe. Mindbody’s easy-to-use customer acquisition and retention features, streamlined reporting and payments offerings will support TRIB3 in a successful rollout of its expansion strategy.

"TRIB3 is currently on track to open more than 1000 locations by 2026, so it is imperative to have a software partner that we can rely on to power and actively support our expansion efforts as well as further streamline our digital operations. We are confident that Mindbody fills this need," said Kevin Yates, CEO of TRIB3.

“With this partnership with Mindbody we have a consistent blueprint for opening new stores and true collaboration on their ongoing development roadmap; that means we are able to bring consistency across the brand for franchise partners, consumers and our team.”

TRIB3 has partnered with Mindbody Credit: TRIB3
Mindbody: news from and
F45 is collaborating with investment group Fortress to provide new and existing franchisees with loan financing. The facility is funded with an initial tranche of US$150m but demand could push the envelope to US$300m.
Industry tech business Mindbody has launched Mindbody Capital, an offering designed to provide wellness businesses with easy access to funding.
Location and cost are the top considerations for consumers when it comes to choosing a health club – while concerns about being around unvaccinated people is a top reason for not returning to gyms.
Mindbody has published the 2021 edition of its annual State of the Spa and Salon Industry Report, highlighting how spa and salon businesses have evolved since the start of the pandemic and giving predictions of consumer trends that will impact the future of the sector.
Sports Management NEWS: Mindbody buys ClassPass
Mindbody has announced it's buying ClassPass, the consumer wellness subscription service which enables people to use a range of gyms, studios and wellness facilities for one monthly subscription.
Tel: +44 20 3514 1894
Address: One New Change, London, EC4M 9AF, United Kingdom
Josh McCarter, CEO
Mindbody video gallery:
Key personnel
Josh McCarter, CEO
Phil Coxon, Managing Director, EMEA
Key customers
Fitness and wellness businesses around the world, from single location studios to some of the world's biggest brands use Mindbody software.