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About us
FitnessKPI was founded in 2019 by Pablo Viñaspre a consultant and recognised expert in the fitness industry. The Vision of FitnessKPI is to be the best BI for the Fitness industry in the world. The company has 18 employees and works with over 500 clubs in more than 10 countries.

FitnessKPI is the most complete Business Intelligence in the Fitness industry and the only one that collects data, analyses it and converts it into automated actions. Using an AI called ANNA, it is able to analyze the club in less than 5 seconds to identify areas for improvement.

ANNA also makes future predictions on revenue, memberships, new members and cancellations and also predicts which clients are at risk of leaving the club.

FitnessKPI integrates every day in a fully automatic way with all the club's databases, and allows you to access your data from any device at any time.

Products and services
FitnessKPI, is the perfect technological partner to improve the competitiveness of Fitness centres. Its data, metrics and indicators are key to improve the decision-making process, and good decisions lead to good results.

FitnessKPI improve Attrition (-27%), LTV (+25%), Sales conversion rate (+26%), Non-dues revenues (+24%) and reduces up to 35 staff hours each month.

Through ANNA, its AI that monitors the business 24/7, we can analyze thousands of data in different areas of the club:

Economic-financial: Revenue, Cost, Operating account, Revenue per member, Cost per square meter, Breakeven point, Lifetime value, Non-dues revenues…
Sales: Acquisition rate, Funnel analysis, CRM module, Sales conversion rate, Visits of new members, Profile of new members…
Retention: Attrition, Adherence, Lost members profile, Members at risk…
Product and use: Bookings, Distribution of visits, Attendance to group activities, PT service, Ranking of activities, Ranking of instructors…
Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction, Work environment, NPS analysis…
Predictions: Monthly and annual predictions in Members, revenues, new members and members lost.
Virtual consultant: monitors the club 24/7 and analyses all the data in less than 5 seconds and recommends actions to improve the KPI’s.
Benchmarking: compares your performance with real data from clubs similar to yours.
Plans for the next 12 months
We will continue to develop our AI ANNA and the algorithms that we use because that is one of our pillars.

From a commercial perspective, we expect to keen growing exponentially with new chains and franchises and opening new countries, not only in Europe but also in US, Middle East and Asia.
Key personnel
Pablo Viñaspre, Founder and CEO
Alejandro Catalina, COO
Pablo Prieto, CTO
Jorge Ortega, Customer Success Manager
updates & press releases
14 Dec 2023
LeisureLabs and FitnessKPI announce strategic agreement to enhance fitness clubs in the UK
LeisureLabs, a prominent digital transformation and software development company for fitness, health, and leisure brands, will collaborate with FitnessKPI, to develop and supply their Business Intelligence (BI) tool for the fitness clubs and gyms in the UK. LeisureLabs will serve as an Ambassador for FitnessKPI through this partnership.

According to Alex Peacock, Founder of LeisureLabs, “FitnessKPI is the first and most comprehensive BI solution in the fitness industry. This agreement will create a unique synergy that enables clients to focus on true innovation.” Peacock expressed excitement about the collaboration, which aligns with LeisureLabs' mission to provide brands with software options beyond the traditional "buy or build" approach. The partnership allows LeisureLabs to focus on delivering best-in-class engineering and design while leveraging the technology provided by FitnessKPI.

Pablo Viñaspre, CEO of FitnessKPI, stated “Our goal is to assist fitness clubs in improving decision-making processes and achieving better results in areas such as retention, sales, and revenue”. Viñaspre believes that the agreement will enable them to enter the highly competitive UK fitness industry. He described LeisureLabs as the ideal technological partner to match their company as they strive to keep up with their rapid growth. “By adding our product to LeisureLabs portfolio, we aim to enhance the competitiveness of the UK fitness market." Added Viñaspre.

FitnessKPI is a powerful tool that transforms data into actionable insights, propelling fitness businesses to new heights. Through seamless integration with any database, it automatically collects data and presents it in a user-friendly format. Additionally, the Artificial Intelligence, ANNA, can swiftly analyze the business and make accurate predictions.
LeisureLabs and FitnessKPI will supply their Business Intelligence tool to fitness clubs and gyms in the UK Credit: Shutterstock / - Yuri A
25 Sep 2023
FitnessKPI revolutionises fitness sector with its artificial intelligence
In the world of fitness, the latest technology is providing new and exciting opportunities for sports facilities management. FitnessKPI, a business intelligence software developed by Fitness Technologies, is making a name for itself in this rapidly growing sector.

The FitnessKPI software – already used by more than 500 clubs in 12 countries – offers a unique platform that collects, analyses and visualises fitness club data, transforming it into automated actions.

This is achieved through its artificial intelligence platform, ANNA, which works in conjunction with a customer relationship management module.

"Fitness clubs usually have scarce data for decision-making, or this data is not in line with the times," explains the FitnessKPI team.

"Our platform automates and optimises this process, allowing clubs to make more informed and effective decisions."

FitnessKPI not only improves club efficiency by saving time and resources, but it also has a significant impact on the operating account, automatically improving member retention, sales and revenue.

With 25 years of experience in fitness club consulting, co-founder and CEO, Pablo Viñaspre, has seen the need for such a platform.

Launched in late 2018, FitnessKPI has been specifically designed for the sports industry, allowing it to constantly adapt to the reality of the sector and create unique indicators.

The FitnessKPI team – composed of 18 people dedicated to development, integrations, marketing, sales, customer success and administration – has experienced steady growth, increasing by 20 per cent each month.

The goal is to reach 5,000 customers in the next five years and become the reference business intelligence software in the fitness industry.

For more information, please visit FitnessKPI’s official website.

More about FitnessKPI
FitnessKPI is using the latest technology and artificial intelligence to revolutionise the way fitness clubs manage their facilities and engage with their customers.
From data to actions with FitnessKPI: transforming the fitness industry through intelligent insights. Take your business to the next level today! Credit: Shutterstock/Drazen Zigic
27 Feb 2023
FitnessKPI and Magicline partner to improve the experience for gyms and fitness centres
FitnessKPI, the Spanish AI business intelligence company, and Magicline, the most widely used gym software in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, have entered into an agreement that allows their users to connect both software programmes and get the best results from the combination of both solutions.

With this cooperation, fitness centres in Spain, Germany and all countries where these software companies are offering their services, will be able to use the best solutions to manage their centre and increase their performance to the maximum with specialised BI from the fitness industry.

The integration will be available soon for the customers of both software.

“We’re very excited about this partnership with Fitness KPI as it allows our clients to have a more strategic management of their business,” said Martin Saldaño Krogslund, senior international business development manager at Magicline.

“They’ll be able to use real data from themselves and complement it with the best tools for client and device management.”

What does this mean for a studio?
Studios using Magicline already have a great tool on hand that manages, for example, their payment runs, class scheduling and registrations, member management, staffing schedules, marketing, digital contract closing and sales.

With Fitness KPI’s algorithm, there is now the option to analyse studio operations and sales data and show a dashboard with key factors (including predicting which customers are at risk of cancelling the contract, your profitability levels, etc.) and propose improvements for profitability or to avoid expenses.

Moreover, its AI will automatically keep track of Magicline's data to monitor business KPIs 24/7 and give a comparison with anonymous competitors.

The integration will be available in the upcoming weeks.
 Credit: FitnessKPI
22 Feb 2023
Hans Muench joins FitnessKPI as International Ambassador
The former IHRSA Director for Europe becomes the new International Ambassador for FitnessKPI, the leading Business Intelligence software for the Fitness industry.

Hans Muench, is one of the most recognized professionals in the industry. He is supported by his consultancy firm Muench Solutions Consulting, with which he has carried out high-profile projects in the industry. He has worked with many chains and contributed important strategic studies for fitness club organisations and providers.

Canadian-born with a German passport, he has contributed numerous publications to the industry in different countries. Hans is also involved in international development for the non-profit Fitness Industry Technology Council.

Hans has decided to join the FitnessKPI team because he is aware of the importance of data and AI to move the fitness industry to the next level. He will link his personal brand with FitnessKPI and will be in charge of bringing the business intelligence to more clubs around the globe.

Hans Muench himself says about his support of FitnessKPI: "I have known Pablo for over 15 years and admired his work with clubs as well as with FitnessKPI. I look forward to working with him and supporting his team to take this important service to the next level".

Alejandro Catalina, business manager of FitnessKPI is optimistic about the strategic agreement: "Hans Muench is a great reference in the industry at an international level, so his interest in becoming our International Ambassador is undoubtedly a confirmation of the powerful BI that we have launched to the fitness industry and in which we continue to work to make the fitness industry more competitive”.

Pablo Viñaspre, founder and CEO of FitnessKPI mentions the importance of data and AI, “Data is important today, but it will be a must in the next years. This will be so not because of data, but because of what we can do with data thanks to the use of AI. The clubs using this type of solutions will be able to automatize any type of action and manage the customers in a hyper personalized way. We are happy to know that we share the same Vision, welcome Hans!”.

About FitnessKPI:

FitnessKPI is an international brand that brings data analysis and artificial intelligence to the fitness industry. More that 500 clubs in 10 different countries are already using this specialized BI to make better decisions and to increase retention, sales and revenues.
Hans Muench, former IHRSA Director for Europe, has joined FitnessKPI Credit: FitnessKPI
Address: Víznar, 113B, Albolote, 18220 Granada, Spain
Pablo Viñaspre, Founder and CEO
Key personnel
Pablo Viñaspre, Founder and CEO
Alejandro Catalina, COO
Pablo Prieto, CTO
Jorge Ortega, Customer Success Manager